Zeus from Pomello – Review for Gadgets with Benefits

Zeus from Pomello – Review for Gadgets with Benefits

Recently, someone wrote to me to ask me if it was necessary to buy a variety of sex toys in order to enjoy different sensations or if the rabbit vibrator was enough.  There’s no doubt, that the rabbit vibrator is a great place to start if you are just beginning your journey of sex toy discovery. After all, there are so many ways to use one.

For example, you can use it the conventional way by inserting the shaft and enjoying both internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Alternatively, you can use it externally and have the clitoral stimulator against the clitoris while the shaft is resting against the perineum, where it is almost stimulating the entrance of the vagina. You could also use the tip of the shaft to tease your clitoris as the bigger shape usually has a more powerful vibration than the one provided by the clitoral stimulator. And you even use it anally.

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All of those conventional pleasures are readily available with a standard rabbit vibrator. An even better offering can be found by exploring Zeus from Pomello; it comes  with a free set of Kegel balls. Zeus is a rabbit vibrator with a pleasing, ergonomic, shape that was designed by a certified OBGYN. It has 2 motors – one for the clitoris and another located in the shaft. They can be controlled individually and supply up to 81 different vibration combinations. One thing I love about individual controls is that I can enjoy one of the motors on a continuous mode and the other one with either waves or pulsating vibrations. Mmm.

The Kegel balls are 35mm wide and they represent a perfect set for someone who is setting out on their sex toy explorations. They are ideal for strengthening the pelvic floor. If you’re a beginner, you can wear them at home for a few minutes at a time to build up your strength. It’s important to be standing up when they’re inside, so that gravity can do its thing. Personally, I love wearing them outdoors. This is especially true when I go out shopping to buy my organic fruits and vegetables. I love feeling that unmistakable jiggle with every step I take. Even the long queues at the checkout don’t seem quite so tedious any more.

PACKAGING: The Zeus rabbit vibrator and the Kegel balls are presented in an elegant box that is ideal for a gift or for storage. It also contains a USB charging cable, a detailed instructions manual for, both the rabbit vibrator and the balls, and an informative guide on how to get the most out of Zeus.

MATERIAL: Both items are made from Body-safe silicone. They are compatible with water-based lubricant. The rabbit vibrator is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: (Zeus) Deep, rumbly, satisfying vibrations; although, the motor in the shaft is considerably more powerful than its clitoral equivalent.

NOISE LEVEL:  (Zeus) Nothing scandalous.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. There are 2 controls – a power button that also controls the clitoral stimulator and the other one which controls the motor located in the shaft. The shape is very easy to insert and you can even use it hands-free. It’s ideal for someone who prefers a smaller shaft without having to compromise on the intensity of stimulation. I used it both internally and externally. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Multi-orgasmic! I just couldn’t stop! I rarely insert toys, believe it or not, so this was a rare treat. The entire experience was mega-intense. I moved the clitoral stimulator from side to side to accentuate the stimulation shortly before I exploded.

Another orgasmic tip would be to use the rabbit externally while wearing the balls internally; experiencing the shuddering spasms against the weighted balls feels divine.

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PROS: Two sex toys for the price of one. Satisfying, rumbly vibrations. Ergonomic shape. Independent motors that can be controlled individually. Excellent value for money. Elegant packaging.

CONS: It really ticks all of the boxes as far as shape, motor-strength and orgasm-o-bility are concerned. I can’t think of any cons!

The only minor disadvantage is that there’s no storage pouch included.


  • Your first sex toy.
  • Strengthening your pelvic-floor muscles.
  • Simultaneous dual-stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot.
  • Demanding women with limited budgets.

Get your very own Zeus from Pomello at gadgetswithbenefits.com

Check out my video review here!

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