Zalo Bess & King Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I was recently in hospital with suspected Covid, pneumonia and anaemia. It wasn’t easy. On the positive side, however, I received so much love and support, which was great. But when I came home from hospital, the post-viral fatigue was intense. It took me a while to muster up the courage and strength to resume my work as a sex toy reviewer


Some energy healers told me: ‘try not to have orgasms, as you will lose energy’. I couldn’t disagree with them more and so I ignored their advice. While it is true that males lose energy through ejaculation, not all orgasms are energetically depleting and I am not a male. 


I remembered a fascinating book that I read last year called ‘Healing Love Through the Tao – Cultivating Female Sexual Energy’ by Mantak Chia, who is probably one of the most prestigious thought leaders on sexual energy in the world. It discusses how we can use sexual energy and orgasm for a higher purpose and more specifically, for healing. I think I’ll be taking my energy healing advice from him rather than people who just don’t understand sexual energy or who feel uncomfortable with it.


I used some of his techniques when I was home after my hospital stay. I visualised myself fully recovered and full of energy as I used Bess and King from Zalo. 

Usually, when I review a sex toy, I use it a couple of times to really understand its orgasmic virtues before I can make a detailed review of it. But with these products from Zalo, I had to perform almost a dozen tests. This was because each toy was incredibly versatile. For example, Bess was a double-ended clitoral stimulator with 2 extra attachments. 


And King is a thrusting vibrator that can also be controlled with the new Zalo app, 

But first, let’s look at Bess. 


Bess is a stylish clitoral stimulator. One of my followers said it looked like the Chrysler building in New York. I guess it kind of does. It is a double-ended toy and there is a motor at each end. One of them has a pinpoint stimulator which is ideal for direct clitoral stimulation and for erotic tickling on other parts of the body. If you remove the silicone ball tip, you can attach the G spot head which is very narrow. It is ideal for women who enjoy penetration but who don’t want something too big. The other fluttery attachment is also ideal for erotic tickling and nipple stimulation. 


The other end of the toy also vibrates and you can use it as a clitoral stimulator for indirect stimulation and for penetration. Therefore, all in all, this toy is a 5-in-1 sex toy. Ideal for tickling, caressing, foreplay, direct and indirect clitoral stimulation and G spot stimulation. 

King is not for the faint-hearted. It is a powerful vibrating thruster. There are 2 motors that can be controlled individually. It is very ergonomic to hold but it is quite heavy. Despite its huge size, the insertable length is quite conventional. There is also an app that is ideal for programming your own thrusting rhythms and speeds as well as your own vibration patterns. This is great because the pre-set thrusting patterns tend to be on the fast side. The app is also compatible with your music playlists. But you cannot connect with a lover long-distance. 

PACKAGING: I love the Egyptian feel to the packaging. It is very stylish and elegant. Anyone who receives one will feel as though they are getting a special gift. They both contain warranty cards, drawstring storage pouches and magnetic charging cables and multilingual instruction manuals. In addition, King also contains a sachet of water-based lubricant. 


MATERIAL: Both products are made of super-soft silicone. They are not waterproof but they are splash proof, which means you can wash them easily. They are both compatible with water-based lubricant. 




NOISE LEVEL: Not too scandalous. King makes more noise due to its size and the fact that there is also a thruster. Check out my review video below for a soundcheck of both products. 


USABILITY: Fairly intuitive but as both products can be used in more than one way, I would recommend studying the user manuals to get the most out of them. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I had wonderful healing orgasms with both products. More info in my review video below: 


PROS: Elegant packaging, versatile, orgasmic, soft material, ergonomic. 



Bess: The silicone ball tip can get lost easily. 


King: Not waterproof. 




Bess: foreplay, erotic tickling, direct and indirect clitoral stimulation, G spot stimulation. 


King: Super demanding women who enjoy penetration. 


More info here: 




The 20% discount code: VENUS20


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