Women Empowerment and the Rise of Gentlemen Escorts


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Seeing these two concepts together may startle some, but you would be surprised at how connected these two things are. And we admit, it sounds a bit far-fetched – but we promise that it’s a significant subject to discuss. 


So, gentleman escorts and women’s empowerment – how does it all work? Well, let us give you a quick crash course.


How Popular Are Male Escorts These Days?

The first thing you could wonder is, are male escorts a thing? 


We are all aware that escorts exist, but many have believed that the women’s escorting industry is considerably more significant. 


Well, things aren’t as they seem, that’s for sure.


The men’s side of the business has always been there – albeit with smaller numbers. But these aren’t the middle ages we’re living in anymore. The modern woman fought plenty for her rights – and one of those rights is to be able to hire an escort if and when she wants to. 


How popular are gentleman escorts right now? They are as popular as women want them to be, it seems. 

What Does It All Mean For The Empowerment Of Women?

We’re aware that the escorting industry, and the services commonly connected to it, are looked down upon by some members of society. But here’s the truth: 


It’s something that’s been a part of our society for as long as – well, we had a culture. 


Everyone wants a companion now and then; it’s part of being human. One should have the right to get that companionship – even if it’s part of a service. 


That’s common sense, right?


Well, things weren’t always so straightforward for women – let’s just say that. That’s what makes the fact that women can freely go out and meet a gentleman for hire shows a significant step up in our society. 


You have to remember: 


The mere act of a woman doing something like that to satisfy her needs was once upon a time an unrealistic fantasy for women – and something to frown upon in many cultures. 


Women were once forced to rely on men for so many things. But the modern woman is far from a codependent entity. 


Imagine how empowering it must be to hire a male escort and finally be the one in control! 

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Who Are Male Escorts For?

Who is the kind of woman that hires male escorts, though? 


Women from all walks of life – from CEOs to hard-working single mothers – have the right to pick 

a man they like and decide when, where, and how long they’ll meet. 


Because ultimately, for these women, it comes down to convenience and being in control of the date. She could enjoy a quality conversation over dinner, spend some time with a good-looking, well-mannered man, or attend an event with a companion – with no strings attached. 


Women are in charge of who they want to date and if they wish to do so with no strings attached – and there’s nothing anyone can say, let alone do, about it. 


The future is looking bright for women’s empowerment – even if there’s still a long way to go.


As much as some parts of our society (you know who you are) don’t like it, male escorts exist – and they’re here to stay because the services they provide make a difference. 


We’re not saying that hiring an escort will be everyone’s cup of tea; it won’t. But it’s the fact that women can do it if they so choose says a lot. That’s the bit where the empowerment kicks in. 


Written by Simon Benn

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