Womanizer InsideOut Review

Womanizer InsideOut Review

The other day, I was supposed to go to a local radio station to participate in an interview. I was running a bit late, so I decided to take a taxi instead of walking. But then I discovered, to my dismay, that there was a taxi strike. As a result, I had to do my interview over the phone from my Venusian headquarters. In reality, this meant rolling around on my unmade bed with the Womanizer InsideOut working its magic between my thighs as I answered their interview questions. I remember being relieved that I didn’t have to venture too far in the swelteringly hot weather. As usual, I had far more orgasmic endeavours to take care of, such as testing more sex toys. Being stuck in traffic in the heat didn’t seem like an orgasmic prospect at all.

It turns out that the taxi drivers were taking industrial action over unfair working conditions. To be honest, they’re not the only ones who are struggling here economically. I have numerous friends who are either unemployed or who are about to be made redundant because their companies are about to fold. It goes without saying that – as a location independent sex toy tester – I’m truly grateful not to have to rely upon the precarious Spanish economy even while I enjoy the obvious advantages of living here. Over the years, a great number of my expat friends have given up on their Spanish dream and returned to the UK. They would rather endure its grey skies, incessant rain and cold, just because it offered a little more security.

I stuck it out and – thanks to working online and appealing to international markets – I’m able to reap the many benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle without experiencing too many of the disadvantages. And, when I become aware of strikes or struggles around me, it only makes me feel more grateful.

I honestly believe that the secret to happiness is gratitude. When I received this Womanizer InsideOut, it made me feel even more fortunate to have my current professional status. I’m constantly receiving new and highly impressive pleasure products. So, when a particular piece of packaging stands out, it can make me feel even more aware of what I should be thankful for. It’s not something I take for granted, I’m truly grateful for each and every collaboration and every associated orgasm that allows me to maintain this lifestyle.

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Whatever your circumstances are, I believe that acknowledging everything you already have is much healthier than focussing on what you might perceive to be lacking in a material sense. By doing this simple thing, you will realise how blessed you are. I remember last Christmas when I moved to my current beach apartment. I spent the first two months here with no real furniture to speak of and my lounge was crammed with boxes (of sex toys) that needed unpacking. But, I was so appreciative to be able to go to the beach every morning – for a magnificent sunrise – that any minor hardships at home seemed trivial by comparison. Meeting the sun was like receiving a blessing before beginning my working day of having sheet-gripping orgasms while lying on my unmade bed. It was that sort of spiritual reframing that put my lack of furniture into its proper perspective.

When I received the Womanizer InsideOut I felt incredibly humbled and extremely grateful. It is – quite possibly – the most beautifully presented Womanizer. Taking it out of its splendid packaging made me feel spoiled; it felt like a special occasion. Even though I had nothing in particular that warranted spontaneous celebrations, I realised that I should be mindful of appreciating everything that came my way. Literally.

InsideOut is the first Womanizer that offers internal stimulation as well as external. Its shape is highly original and extremely effective. InsideOut is ideal for those women who desire vaginal stimulation from a toy that doesn’t look like a penis.

PACKAGING: Womanizer InsideOut is presented in a beautiful box that is tied with a ribbon. It is ideal to be given as an impressive, luxurious, gift. Its packaging also contains a satin storage pouch, a spare XL head attachment, a magnetic USB charging cable and a multilingual instructions booklet.

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MATERIAL: Soft, sleek silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants. Waterproof.


NOISE LEVEL: Moderate. Nothing scandalous. It proved to be a lot quieter than the first models of the Womanizer.

USABILITY: It takes 2 hours to fully charge the toy and that will provide you with up to 2 hours of pleasure. The control buttons didn’t seem particularly intuitive to me, so I would recommend reading the instructions manual thoroughly prior to your first use. I didn’t do this but – because I have a little more experience with these things than most users – I figured it out quite quickly. Still, it was a little confusing. There are 2 separate motors that can be controlled individually. One motor controls the air pressure for the clitoral stimulation function and the other one runs the vibrator for dedicated G-spot stimulation. Both have 12 different intensities.

The shape is very easy to insert and highly effective for stimulating the G-spot even without activating the vibration function. You can close your thighs around the toy to intensify the already significant degree of vaginal stimulation. I would recommend inserting it and guaranteeing that it’s fully in place before switching it on. Open your labia and make sure the whole of the clitoral stimulator is positioned over the clitoral gland before switching it on also.

For cleaning purposes, you can remove the silicone head to wash it thoroughly. Dry it completely before reattaching.

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: The orgasm was out of this world. It is, far and away, one of the most effective G-spot stimulators that I’ve had the pleasure of trying in a very long time. Check out my post-orgasmic glow – after my first test – in the video below.

I refreshed my memory of the Womanizer InsideOut before the radio interview on the phone. I wonder if the listeners could tell. I was grateful for the strike, in the end. It meant that I could stay at home and make a more authentically orgasmic contribution to the broadcast. InsideOut is most definitely my favourite Womanizer as far as orgasm quality goes. I love noticing the residual vibrations even on the clitoral component of the toy. At the end of the day, though, I’m still a vibe fan at heart.  

If I was feeling grateful before trying it, imagine how appreciative I was afterwards.

PROS: Beautiful packaging. Original shape. Dual stimulation with independent motors. Long lasting battery. Waterproof.

CONS: All of the 12 vibration modes are continuous. There are no distinctive pulsation functions or wave patterns.


  • A luxurious gift.
  • Dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation.
  • Demanding women.
  • Women who want internal stimulation from a toy that doesn’t resemble a penis.

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