Wishlist by Venus O’Hara


There are so many things I want to do with you next time I see you. I have a sexual wishlist and I’m certainly hoping that all my wishes will be granted. 

When I close my eyes and I imagine seeing you again, I just want to look deep into your eyes. I don’t even want to greet you with a ‘hello’’.  Instead, I want to fully absorb the sensation of being in your presence again. I know it will be strange yet familiar at the same time. 

There’s something about verbal silence that produces a profound thrill throughout my being. Your absence has meant that I’ve had to solely rely on words to express myself with you. Whereas if I’m in your presence again, I want to communicate with my eyes, my touch and my body. I want to relish the ecstatic energy we create together without words. The only sounds would be my gasps and moans of pleasure – and hopefully yours too. 

My desires range from spiritual to animalistic. But there is something I want to do with you that seems to encompass both the primal and the sacred. 

Let me explain. 

I long to feel you penetrating me without moving. I want you to pin me down and immobilise me while you push your cock deep inside me. As deep as possible. As close to me as physically possible. I need to feel your weight on top of me. It feels like I’m being plugged into source. 

And if you do this while gazing into my eyes, I think I’ll explode with orgasmic tears as I surrender to pleasure, to the divine masculine. To you. 

From a more animalistic perspective, it feels like you’re taking possession of me, like I’m your prey, as I allow you to take total control of me and do whatever you want to me. 

Whatever you want. 

I long to submit to you. As a hyper-independent woman, the thought of surrendering to you and not having to make decisions for myself for a time is a blessed relief. The thought of it is incredibly enticing and alluring. I’m also curious to discover more about how you express your unbridled desire. Your untamed side. When I think of you, I recall your calm energy. But what really intrigues me is to learn more about your wild dormant desires. I’m so curious and turned on by the idea of observing your sexual energy rise within you. 

Although I want to witness how your passion unfolds, I also like the idea of being blindfolded and sensing you instead. Not knowing exactly where you are, what you are doing and anticipating your next move. 

I want to feel your hands all over me. I long to have your expert fingers gently caressing my clitoris until I climax. You’re so good. And your tongue. I need to gather myself as I remember how it feels against my most intimate parts. I honestly don’t know what I like best – your hands or your tongue… 

Thankfully, I don’t have to choose. I want it all and I absolutely have to have it all. 

I also want to get hot and messy with abundant quantities of coconut oil all over our skin. To press our bodies against each other, slithering and sliding together in a full body massage in the summer heat. It would almost be like erotic wrestling, except that there would be no winners or losers; we both have the same objective of experiencing each other to the max. 

 But what I most desire is to reach a point that almost resembles satiety. To indulge in a communion of sexual complicity and curiosity without limits. Mutual desire and a willingness to explore the unknown in a quest for sensations that encourages sexual enlightenment. A union that encompasses the highest heights and the most profound depths of euphoria and bliss. 

I certainly hope that there is time to discover all these things with you. And I’m sure that more desires will arise as we embark on a journey of intimacy where I discover you as well as learn things about myself that have never been expressed or experienced before. 

Do you think that all this will be possible?

I certainly hope so. 

And of course, I’m also curious to learn about your wishlist. 

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