Why I Keep a Gratitude Journal and How It Changed My Life.

Why I Keep a Gratitude Journal and How It Changed My Life.

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus shares one of her nighttime rituals – her gratitude journal. 


In January, she bought a cheap diary. In it, she maintains her gratitude journal, which she updates every night before going to bed. She notes down several things that she’s grateful for, and several things she’s achieved that day. Sometimes, those entries for gratitude, and achievement, can overlap. But not always.


She wanted to begin a gratitude journal because she’d heard so many wonderful things about keeping one. Her own objective is to program her own subconscious mind. Venus believes that being grateful is a key to personal happiness. Plenty of research backs this viewpoint up.


Updating her gratitude journal, at night, can also contribute to a better night’s sleep. Some people update their own gratitude journals in the morning. It’s a matter of personal preference.


Venus wants to focus on the things she already has. That’s instead of fixating on a lack of anything or the things she might not have done during the course of the day. Getting to the end of a day and contemplating those things that you failed to do would be counterproductive.


A few weeks ago, Venus found that she hadn’t done all of the work that she’d wanted to. But: ‘she’d taken care of some really annoying paperwork that had been on her to-do list for a long time.’ It was a relief not to have to think about it anymore.


Looking back at all of her achievements since January underlines how much she’s grown. Sometimes, you can show gratitude for specific things. At other times, you can be grateful for: ‘just being alive, having amazing food, having lots of work, feeling abundant or enjoying intimate moments.’ 


Other reasons to be grateful can include ‘health’ or simply ’slept well.’ For Venus, ’slept well’ relates to her inability to sleep through the night from time to time. When she does get a good night’s sleep, it’s well worth making a note of.


Tonight, as she makes this video, Venus knows that she’s going to be grateful for how she’s changed her life. In fact, there’s been a major improvement: ‘just in the last couple of weeks, actually.’ She’s very grateful for the professional growth, and the abundance, she’s experiencing.


Venus is glad that she has the ability to take action and improve certain aspects of her life. Several things have seen a massive improvement lately.


She’s been going to a physiotherapist for several weeks. This has been to address chronic hip and lower back pain. Many hours of sitting down have contributed to this. Venus is grateful that she has the financial resources to seek effective treatment. She’s already noticed big improvements as a direct result.


Signing up to a co-working space has also had a profound effect on her output and attitude. She had been working from home for many years and had begun to feel negative about it. Even though she’d loved the freedom, and enjoyed her own company, she knew that she needed a change. Venus says: ‘We all need other people in life, just to inspire us.’


Her amazing co-working space is based on the principle of sustainable living and has organic vegan food every day. Venus is very grateful for that.


She has also signed up to Toastmasters. This will help her to further develop her public speaking skills. She intends to spread her orgasmic message to lots of big stages and platforms.


Venus is really grateful for the acceptance she’s been receiving lately, both to herself and her work. Being an orgasmic activist can raise a lot of eyebrows. Negative judgment, for her, has been a problem in the past. But, just recently, she’s been enjoying significant support from Toastmasters and the people she’s met at her co-working space.


She’s very happy and realises that she’s got a lot to be grateful for. And her achievements today? Well, it is Sunday. Tomorrow, she’ll have plenty of achievements to list in her gratitude journal. There are many benefits to being grateful.

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