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Why I Envy Promiscuous People

Why I Envy Promiscuous People

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus talks about promiscuity. She reveals that she has never had a one night stand with a man. It had long been her intention to write an article called ‘Why I envy Promiscuous People.’ In fact, she had begun to write it many times. It remained unfinished. So, she decided to make this video instead.


Venus thinks about why she might envy promiscuous people. Sometimes, when she meets them, they tell her about their numerous dalliances. Those stories often sound exciting. This is especially the case because she admits that her lifestyle, and her beliefs, discourage having frequent opportunities to find potential lovers.



She finds it difficult to feel inspired to be intimate with someone new. Indeed, there have been many times in the past when she has spent: ‘3 months without sex, 6 months without sex, 8 months without sex.’ Although there was no shortage of offers, there didn’t seem to be any options that were realistic or suitable.


A little while ago, she took a walk around the Born District in Barcelona. There was a wide variety of beautiful women just walking around. If she’d wanted to have sex, she says: ‘I’d have been spoilt for choice.’ She can’t remember being in a room and facing a similar situation. 


Venus isn’t just seduced by a muscular body. The ‘energy’ of a person is far more important to her. She explains that it can be frustrating when you have: ‘all of this sexual desire but there’s no outlet for it.’ That is an obvious way that she’s envious of promiscuous people.


She admits that being seduced by someone, who you didn’t know 24 hours earlier, has never really turned her on. There was a 3 year period, however, when she only went with girls. Venus had several one night stands during that time. She takes time to relate the drawbacks she discovered and the way her philosophy about intimacy versus sex has had an effect.


Venus reveals that: ’intimacy with people you don’t really know can be so uncomfortable.’ At the same time, she craves intimacy. That’s the main reason why she envies promiscuous people.

1 thought on “Why I Envy Promiscuous People”

  1. I don’t. I don’t envy them. Casual sex is just something that never worked for me, for instance. I tried once, and what happened is that I could not forget the girl I had sex with, because I can’t avoid having intimacy with whoever I have sex with! It just doesn’t work for me, but that’s who I am and I like it! When you learn to love yourself, you accept that you are amazing and unique just the way you are, and you just respect that. And have respect for the others the way that they are, of course, but you don’t envy that because you know that that kind of behaviour does not work for you.

    Simple as that!

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