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Why I Don’t Retouch My Photos – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

Why I Don’t Retouch My Photos – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus explains why she doesn’t retouch her photos.


She started her fetish blog venusohara.org over 9 years ago. At that stage, she wanted to be a fetish model. The site was initially intended to feature a fetish glossary and include un-retouched images of Venus. She would be the only model.


Now, however, her offering has evolved to become more mainstream. Venus focuses more on being a highly successful sex toy tester and raising orgasmic awareness by being an orgasm activist.


Her website might well be the only one that makes a point of using only unretouched imagery. Venus has her own reasons for this.


In 2004/2005, she discovered ‘Scarlet’, a magazine in the UK that included a pictorial that made a huge impression on her. The featured model had un-retouched photos taken during the photoshoot. In Venus’ opinion: ‘That was incredibly refreshing.’


Venus doesn’t want to cater to the male gaze. She studied Fine Art when she was at University and found herself inspired by drawing nudes. It was strange for her, at first, to be the focus of that kind of attention herself. She was now the muse.


Then, Venus delves more deeply into why unretouched photos have a great deal more fetish value than retouched ones. The subject of natural beauty versus manufactured fantasy is probed. Other areas, such as the effect of mainstream media, cosmetic surgery and the Reality TV ideal of desirability are also addressed.


Venus’ approach to beauty is to take: ‘the natural route. Eat well, do sport, don’t count calories, have fun, and don’t wear makeup all the time.’ She wants to promote all of those things with her photos. Her belief is that you should: ‘present the most authentic version of yourself at all times.’

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