Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

written by Rupert O. for


In this video, Venus explains why she longer has any time for hangovers in her successful and fulfilling career as a sex toy tester. She reflects upon her University days when she was able to compare and contrast the social rituals and approaches of different European cultures when held up against the familiar UK model. What happens when you’re an English woman, studying in Paris, and the prevailing style is to go out and not get drunk? 


When you move to Spain, and the culture of social drinking changes again, how do you adapt to it? Venus explains why, in August 2015, she gave up drinking alcohol with a specific, and short-term, goal in mind and how she never took it up again. 


She lists all of the surprising, and extremely positive, health benefits that have accumulated since then and goes on to delve into the strange psychology that sometimes convinces us that situational popularity is synonymous with varying states of inebriation. Adopting an objective, sober, first-person perspective she relates how her social life has only improved since even the possibility of intoxication has been removed from her healthy lifestyle equation. 


Without the need of an artificial inhibition barrier, couldn’t we all benefit from an ongoing approach to sociability that relies more on the clarity of thinking, a reliable memory and a greater emphasis on our own health and wellbeing? 


Finally, and returning to the principles of enlightened sexual response that this orgasmic activist seeks to promote, Venus lists why alcohol and sex continue to be ‘a dangerous cocktail’. In her opinion, being able to express yourself sexually requires a baseline of sensual capability and the ability to recall what happened the night before. 


After watching the video, it seems that the argument she makes is hard to deny.

Written by Rupert O. 

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