Why I Decided to Launch a Podcast – The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

I am very excited to announce the launch of my brand new podcast: The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast by Venus O’Hara

I’m here to welcome you into the world of Orgasmic Living by hosting experts who will discuss orgasmic topics such as nutrition, spirituality, personal development, sexuality and more. 


I will also be providing meditations, book reviews and lots of different content to help you begin your journey towards a fulfilling, joyous and orgasmic life


In our first few episodes, we cover: 


  • How to become ‘Cliterate’ with Author Dr. Laurie Mintz PhD
  • Sobriety and Sober Sex with BBC Radio Presenter Janey Lee Grace
  • How to eat a more healthy, nutrient-dense diet with Dr. Joel Furhman


So if you’re interested in learning from these incredible people, then I highly suggest you subscribe using these links:



It would also be incredible if you could rate and review after listening to your first episode to give us your honest feedback.


Talk soon,


P.S Here is a video where I explain the inspiration behind creating this podcast as well as some exclusive behind the scenes info. Enjoy!!

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