What’s Wrong with Hairy Armpits?

What’s Wrong with Hairy Armpits?

What’s Wrong with Hairy Armpits?

“It’s not a glamorous look”, “you’ve totally lost your sex appeal” or “how disgusting!” These are just some of the comments I received after publishing photos of my hairy armpits on social media. Of course, there were others that were more positive.

I have to say that the negative comments didn’t surprise me in the slightest. The merest glimpse of a hairy armpit on a woman usually causes this reaction. It was something that I used to find unpleasant too.

I pulled a girl that I really liked once. We got back to mine, ended up on the couch and got it on right then and there. When she took off her shirt, I was horrified to discover that she had hairy armpits. I knew that this was just an indication of the forest that would be found between her thighs. I have to confess that I wasn’t very enthusiastic about that prospect at the time either.

hairy armpits venus o'hara by mr tickle bcn
I’ve changed my mind since then. Now, it’s been more than four months since I shaved my own armpits. My conversion came about as a result of my noticing all the search traffic for armpit fetish. I was only too eager to add to my knowledge and share my experiences as an expert in fetishism.

There are many ways to appreciate an armpit sexually. For example, with the help of some lubricant, it’s highly effective for masturbating a man. There are many armpit fetishists who like to sniff or lick the area. This can be hard to endure if you’re ticklish. I would say that I’ve become an armpit fetishist myself. This is especially true when I’m in love and I’m crazy for the body of my beloved and the pheromone fiesta that I can find in their armpit.

Although I’d already discovered the erotic potential of the armpit, I decided it was time to stop shaving them for a while. This enabled me to offer a greater variety of content to the fetishists who visit my blog. As my armpit hair grew, I discovered new sensations. I became more ticklish, for example. It felt strange to use roll-on deodorant on a hairy armpit instead of a smooth surface. Most surprising of all was the discovery that having hairy armpits hasn’t bothered me nearly as much as I’d expected.

hairy armpits venus o'hara by mr tickle bcn2
Fortunately, my personal hairy armpit investigation began last autumn. I think it would’ve been much harder to put up with  hairy armpits in the summer. Not only would I have to withstand negative comments online but I’d need to cope with offended stares when lifting my arm in public.

There’s something rebellious in not shaving your armpits. It’s like saying: “I make up my own standards of beauty and I don’t have to follow what the ads in magazines dictate to me.” It would be impossible to imagine a deodorant ad with a hairy armpit or to see them being flaunted on the red carpet of a VIP event.

Due to work obligations, I’ve had to say goodbye to my hairy armpits. It was a modelling job and the client was adamant that hairy armpits wouldn’t fit in with the image that the brand wanted to convey.

As I held the razor, and prepared to shave my armpit smooth, I can’t deny that I felt sad. But, who knows? Maybe next winter I’ll grow my armpit hair back again.

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Translation of ‘¿Qué pasa con las axilas peludas‘, published in El Pais.

1 thought on “What’s Wrong with Hairy Armpits?”

  1. Christine Mann

    I enjoyed your post online. I’ve always wondered if I had an armpit fetish. I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t a fetish exactly, but I am very intrigued I seeing sweat soaked armpits on TV and or anywhere else. I do though love the way my husband of, “33 years“ smells. I have never made him “fucked my armpit“ or vice versa on the vagina but, there’s just something about the arm pit area that is super intriguing, mostly, from a physiological aspect. The reason I visited your site or “googled it“ is because I knew I wasn’t the only one that had this type of curiosity or, whatever you wanna call it but, I was just confused on what my brain was interested in when it came to armpits. For instance, I love seeing someone on, for instance, the price is right there runs up on stage and has super wet armpits out of being nervous or whatever. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it when people smell like they haven’t showered for two weeks but, as you had stated in your article the Farrah moans must be running rampant. Thank you for listening and I very much enjoyed your article

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