What Would You Do If Your Guy Had a Sex Doll Collection?

“Why is it OK for you to have loads of sex toys but you wouldn’t like it if a man had a sex doll collection?” 


I received this message a few weeks ago. I had made a video in which I discussed men’s reaction to my extensive sex toy collection and how it is often far from arousing. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to test some male sex toys with my beau and instead of feeling intimidated or jealous, I found the experience fascinating, I loved observing his reactions to many different adult novelties. I even gave him one to keep, but I disinfected the others and told him I wanted to keep them as part of my ever-growing collection. He said he didn’t mind as he wasn’t trying to become Mars O’Hara any time soon. 


When he tells me about his solo sessions with the toy I let him keep, it makes me happy to be able to provide him with this pleasure, albeit indirectly. I’m glad I have opened his mind to new forms of pleasure that he may not have experienced if it weren’t for my influence. 


Despite this, I must admit that I probably might not have the same attitude if my other half had a collection of sex dolls. I don’t think that they are quite the same as sex toys. Let me explain. I think a doll’s function is to become your fantasy human lover. Aesthetics are important, whereas no one gets off by simply looking at a sex toy, no matter how elegant they are these days. 


I remember watching a documentary about sex dolls in which a doll collector was about to introduce his collection to his new girlfriend. It was the guy’s birthday and he had prepared a party for his partner and his dolls. They were all sitting on the sofa wearing party hats and not much else to conceal their perfect, voluptuous bodies. 


The guy was thrilled to be able to share this part of him with her. On camera, she said she didn’t care but her body language and the obviously disappointed tone in her voice when she set eyes on the dolls was unmistakable. It was clear that she would have preferred a more conventional celebration with more conventional gifts for him such as these: 


As the credits rolled at the end, indeed the narrator confirmed that their relationship ended soon after filming. 


It’s interesting that as far as aesthetics go, in the sex toy world, the less realistic the better whereas the opposite is true in the sex doll world. I’ve had some similar reactions from men. In fact, my collection has made some become impotent. Although this can be momentarily disappointing for me, I must admit that it serves as the perfect filter as I can weed out the keepers from those who just wouldn’t be able to handle me. I realise that my job is a lot to deal with for many people and I need someone who can handle me in all aspects. 


I am fascinated by this subject and I have seen many documentaries in it, I even starred in a BBC Three documentary about sex dolls. In it, I had to try a male sex doll. It was too heavy to manoeuvre and I can’t imagine it being as popular as the rabbit vibrator any time soon, especially as I had to do all the work. In addition, the female dolls are much more impressive than their male equivalents. Some are true works of art check this website here


Of course, not everyone has the same potential when it comes to human relations or finding a sexual or romantic partner. If a doll makes someone happy, then that is surely a wonderful thing. whether its a good or bad thing all depends on your intention I suppose. 


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