What Is Water-Based Lube And Why You Need It

Have you ever used a water-based lubricant? If not, you’re missing out! The reason this type of lubricant is so special is that it does not get sticky and absorbs into your skin faster than other types. This means that you can use it solo or with a partner without having to worry about it drying up or becoming uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to know about this type of lube.

1. Reduce Discomfort

People use lubricants for many different reasons, but the main reason is to reduce discomfort during love. Dryness can cause a lot of pain to the woman during love, but water-based lubricants can reduce that discomfort. It can also be used to help alleviate dryness that occurs internally during pregnancy. The one thing that is better than water-based lube is a natural lubricant produced by the body, but most people aren’t able to produce enough lubricant for comfortable love.

2. No Sticky Residue

Another benefit of using a water-based lubricant is that it does not leave a sticky residue after use. What this means is that you can use it without having to worry about your sheets or clothing becoming stained. It also makes cleanup a breeze. With other types of lubricants, you may have to spend time cleaning up any residue that is left behind.

3. Versatility

Water-based lubricants are versatile and can be used for a variety of different things. Whether you’re using them with toys, including those made from silicone, or for vaginal dryness, they can become a must-have product in your bedroom. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can see examples through reviews of the best water-based lubricants out there, posted on womens-health.com. One of the most common uses is during sex, but it can also be used with adult toys. This makes it a great choice for women who masturbate or couples who enjoy using sex toys.

4. Prevents Infection

Some people do not realize that proper lubrication is key to preventing infection. When the body does not produce enough lubricant, it can cause tiny tears in the skin that can make you more susceptible to infection. Water-based lubricants help to prevent these tears from happening and also reduce the chances of getting an infection.

5. Enhance Pleasure

Water-based lube won’t get sticky, so you can use it with your favorite toys or during sexy time with a partner without worrying about the hassle of stopping to reapply. It’s also completely safe for women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, so if you fall into either of these categories, this is the lube for you!

6. Travel-Friendly

If you’re going on a weekend getaway with your partner (or if you’re going solo), it’s a good idea to bring along a small bottle of this type of lube. It can help with water sports and other fun activities and it never gets sticky as most lubricants do. Though there are plenty of natural types of lube, many people prefer water-based options because they’re easier to clean up.


Written by Allen Brown

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