Wet Stockings

There’s nothing like the feel of wet stockings clinging to your legs. After you’ve stepped into a puddle-and got your chosen hosiery soaking wet-you long just to get home and peel them off.

I point my feet forward when I get the chance to remove them, understanding-in that moment- what foot fetishists find so fascinating. That always comes later, after the walking.

Strangely enough, you are far more aware of the wet sensations as you walk; the tingling in the feet, the colder temperature on your skin and the knowledge that you’ll get more and more uncomfortable in your clinging, transparent, stockings whatever you do and wherever you go. It’s different with hold-ups-the silicon in them makes them stick more, not less.
wet stockings Venus O'Hara
I’d been wanting to do a wet clothes fetish set for a long time and when I finally had the chance it was nothing but fun. I adored the feel of the wet white blouse clinging to my braless breasts, my hard, urgent nipples and the see-through panties stuck onto my bottom.

Whenever I got too cold I could just sink back into the warm water, lift my wet, stockinged legs upwards, scrutinise them and feel relieved that I didn’t have cankles to worry about. I want to do more sets like this and it won’t be long before I have another chance to indulge myself.

As much as I love the wet clothes fetish, there’s nothing quite like the moment when I get the chance to finally peel them all off.

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Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

6 thoughts on “Wet Stockings”

  1. wubbahtwuncheon

    Not just the queen of premium ass but you’re also the proud owner of legs for miles and the sweetest little titties I ever seen through a wet shirt and knickers.

  2. Another wonderful monochrome photo-set, Venus. Where “Voyeur” was cinematic delirium through a subjective lens, this raw and intense set of close-ups treats us to a bouquet of slender legs in patterned stockings, erecting nipples through cotton and wet, almost transparent, panties. Delicious.

  3. prestatyn_dynamo

    I love the effects of black stockings and white undies under your bathwater. You have thighs like I only dream about. They are nice dreams.

  4. Softsausage43

    Woooooh, you make dirty bathwater look like ambrosia served up in a crystal stiletto…only even better than that.

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