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Wet Clothes Fetish

I am always getting requests for wet clothes fetish sets.

Tacky holiday resorts often host wet t-shirt contests to attract an audience. These competitions feature attractive young women wearing thin, white t-shirts being drenched in warm beer or cold water for popular entertainment because – although they’re still dressed – their breasts are completely visible.

When we began shooting this set it only took me a few minutes to settle on the common male fantasy of seeing a soaking wet, skirtless secretary. It didn’t matter if she had been caught in the rain or if she had fallen into a hotel bath during an important conference – just so long as the fetish details were right.

This scene needed me to end up having long dripping hair and wearing wet stockings, steamed-up glasses and damp see-through white panties. Most important of all, my blouse had to have been made totally transparent by the cold water, revealing the appearance of my shivering breasts and the size and shape of my hard, hard nipples.

It worked so well and I had such a ball doing it that I shoot more wet clothes fetish sets whenever I am able, even having wet thighs doesn’t put me off.

I can’t wait to share the results of those sessions with you.

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Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

11 thoughts on “Wet Clothes Fetish”

  1. You make soaking-wet blouses seem like the most naturally erotic thing imaginable. Only you could make wet t-shirt vulgarity seem like high art. Incredible work.

  2. I wouldn’t wash my bathtub for weeks if your perfect bod had lay in it…even for a minute. Wet is the new black.

  3. I wonder where that pesky skirt went? Actually, if you walked around in damp panties all day I’d never even care where it went.

  4. satin_skin_girl

    That’s what I call a provocative typing pool with a unique wet secretary in it. Yummy.

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