We-Vibe Nova 2 – Review

We-vibe Nova has been one of my favourite rabbit vibrators over the years. I have already featured it many times in my ‘top 5’ videos. Now there is a second version and I wondered, could it really get even better? 


This version has the same shape but a sleeker appearance with one colour throughout. The button interface is slightly more complex as there are more features. For instance, there is a ‘toggle’ button that allows you to switch between motors according to your preference. 


You can even use it with the app We-connect. The app enables you to control the toy with your phone as well as create your own vibration patterns. The most exciting feature is that it can be controlled from a distance by your partner, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world. This can certainly help make quarantine situations more exciting.

What I have always loved about this toy is that its shape and flexibility allow for deep or shallow penetration, according to your preference. Personally, I’m a big fan of very shallow penetration, that is to say when a toy only penetrates a couple of centimetres at the entrance of the vagina. When combined with clitoral stimulation, it really enhances the intensity of the orgasm more than if it was solely clitoral stimulation. I even find it preferable to inserting the whole toy, Sometimes I even use it completely externally and enjoy the sensation of the vibration shaft on my perineum.


PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard, elegant box that also contains a magnetic charging cable, an illustrated user manual and a sachet of water-based lubricant by Pjur. 

MATERIAL: We-vibe Nova is made of super-soft silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. It is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. 

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Even deeper and rumblier than its predecessor. It feels amazing. For those who prefer a gentler approach, it is possible to adjust the maximum intensity of the motors in the app.


NOISE LEVEL: Silent to moderate, depending on the intensity. 


USABILITY: Given that it has a lot of sophisticated features, I had to consult the user manual before using it for the first time. There are 10 vibration patterns that you can increase or decrease the intensity using the plus and minus buttons. You can use the arrows to go through the patterns. Connecting to the app We-connect is pretty straightforward. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It never disappoints! I enjoyed the new, rumblier motors. Definitely repeat-worthy and it reminds me why it is one of my favourites. 

PROS: Versatile. Amazing motors. Versatile. App-controlled. Waterproof. Repeat-worthy. 


CONS: It’s not cheap. 




  • Dual clitoral and G spot stimulation. 
  • Shallow vaginal penetration.
  • Demanding women.
  • Long-distance relationships. 


For more information about We-Vibe Nova, visit: We-Vibe Nova 2

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