Vintage Striptease

I bought this vintage dress because it seemed so innocent. It was almost the thing a puritan might wear to church. That thought passed through my mind when I chose it to wear to the Fashion and Fetish show at The Brandery in Barcelona. When I was waiting for my connection at the metro I was suddenly aware of the lingerie I was wearing beneath it. It would be so easy for a gust of wind to reveal to other commuters just what lay underneath the puritan outerwear. The underwear was a lot different.

Some people asked me why I hadn’t gone wearing latex or some other kinky material. What they didn’t realise or could have known was that I had planned my underwear very carefully for its powerful fetish content. My black high heels were obvious, of course. So was a small amount of retro-seamed coffee coloured stocking clinging to each leg. I had chosen the stockings at the same time as the pointed bullet bra that gave my bust such a distinctive outline. They could only have come from What Katie Did.

Further up my vintage stockinged legs, the six-strap suspender belt felt tight against my thighs and waist. I knew my derriere was clearly visible through the sheer, black panties. There was no way to hide it if there was an accidental upskirt moment or even a deliberate one. What I really wanted was to recreate the famous poster image from the film “Secretary”. The model is standing and bent forward. She is offering her bottom up for scrutiny and spanking. Sadly, The Brandery was not the place to treat myself.

I wore the same outfit for a vintage fetish photo-shoot. To be more authentic I added my soft leather gloves. Then I hung a fur around my neck. The more things I could start out wearing, the more I could take off. It seemed obvious what the shoot should be about. I thought of a vintage striptease and began to pose.

There is only one thing better than wearing a puritan style dress and that is taking it off. That is especially true when you have such scandalous lingerie underneath.

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Photos by Andrew OHara

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