Venus O'Hara Vintage Fetish

Vintage Fetish: When Old Things Turn You On

Old things really turn me on, I don’t know why exactly.

There are certainly sensual attractions to antique objects and places that go beyond the obvious. Is it the taste of tobacco seasoned dust in my mouth as I survey an old room? Is it the sound of shrunken wood panels creaking beneath my discount heels or the feel of dry parchment as I caress the pages of an old ledger in a notary’s office? It’s so hard to be precise.

Venus O'Hara Vintage Fetish

There are always parts of a city that remain undeveloped and unchanged and, walking through them, I can imagine that I’m part of a period drama that could suck me in at any moment and take me back to a time when beauty was cherished much more than today. With vintage beauty comes protocol and repression to regulate attraction and seduction. Walls were thicker then, of course, and whatever went on after the masked balls remained an elegant secret. Today, you can hear everything that happens in the next apartment; no style at all.

Venus O'Hara Vintage Fetish

As soon as I saw this dress I knew that it was perfect Venuswear because it was totally vintage in its style and would enhance my charms with its perfect contradictions and mixed messages. It harks back to a kind of puritan look while, at the same time, it allows my pale, freckled skin to show through its many holes.

To add another layer of visual provocation, I emphasised my long, long legs by wearing black, knee-high socks that tie at the top. I chose a lacy wool effect to complement the white dress and excite all the sock fetishists out there.

To achieve the image I wanted to portray, that of a Victorian house goddess draping herself, lazily, on an antique piece of furniture, I decided to emphasise my long, elegant, neck. I hope that this appeal to the neck fetish will not go unnoticed.

Venus O'Hara Vintage Fetish

I saw this chaise longue in a friends apartment and I knew that I wanted to be photographed reclining on it like the classical Venus in the paintings that I grew up admiring. After arranging the shoot, I set the the scene by allowing my long hair to fall freely over its edge and closed my eyes as the photographer got to work. As I let my mind wander, I wondered how many occupants this piece of furniture had seated and then, feeling naughty, I imagined how many of them had had sex on it.

Venus O'Hara Vintage Fetish

Photography by Lars Koudal.

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