Vibrant Viewings

Vibrant Viewings by Venus O’Hara

“I’m looking for something very special. With original features to renovate to my liking,” said a client who had called the real estate agency where I was working a few years ago. 

“I think I have the perfect property for you. By any chance, would it be convenient for you to visit it right now?”

In reality, the ‘client’ was a friend with benefits, and we had planned to do a real estate role play. That day, I had dressed more elegantly than usual, wearing a blouse, skirt, and high heels. Given that it was the beginning of the financial crisis, nothing was selling, and every day was a struggle. Instead of lamenting this situation, I decided to take advantage of my access to some of the best apartments in Barcelona and treat myself to sex at work. 

I gave him the address, and after hanging up, I went to the bathroom to touch up my hair and makeup and take off my panties and put them in my handbag. “I have a viewing,” I lied to my colleagues and grabbed the keys to the property in question and walked out of the office. 

When I arrived at the apartment, my friend with benefits was already waiting for me at the door. We greeted each other with a formal handshake, playing our respective roles perfectly. The apartment was spacious, empty, with high ceilings and original mosaic tiled floors. My friend was impressed with all the historical details of the property that I was totally making up during the visit. Just like a role-playing game, renovating apartments requires imagination and vision because even though it looked like a ruin, it definitely had potential.

The fake formality between us turned me on. When we found ourselves in the kitchen, I decided it was time for my move: “Would you like to make an offer?” I asked him as I raised my skirt, exposing my naked vulva to him. He looked at me intently, approached me, and we kissed passionately. I understood that this was a ‘yes,’ so I took a condom out of my handbag, turned around, and leaned against the kitchen sink as he penetrated me. I held onto the kitchen top as I felt his hardness slide in and out of me as he caressed my buttocks. After so much accumulated excitement, we both reached our orgasmic goal in record time.

“I’ve been thinking, and I think it’s best that I withdraw my offer,” he said, right after withdrawing his penis from my vagina. 

“Really? I thought that this was just what you were looking for…Can I ask why?” I asked him all confused. 

“I want to be sure of my decision. Do you think you could show me more properties? Because I think I’d like to continue the search,” he said. 

“Of course,” I replied. 

Needless to say, suddenly I was much more motivated to go to work and the fact that nothing was actually selling didn’t seem so important.

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