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I used to love going to the nearest kiosk to buy Spanish GQ so that I could see my monthly column in print. It was even more of a thrill when I had an article in the pages of Primera Linea. Nothing quite prepared me for seeing a rack of magazines with me on the cover though. There’s nothing like it.

Sensualité September 2012 issue

The creative team responsible for the magazine “Sexologies” has published the second digital edition of their new publication and I am its covergirl. Although I was posing for the photographer wearing a crotchless bodystocking, he chose to focus on my face instead. Then I remembered that the magazine was intended for a female readership.

Sado y Bondage Venus O'Hara Foto Sebas Romero

Sado and Bondage.

A new and exclusive wraparound cover has been produced to update the Spanish version of Love Me Like You Hate Me, my book about BDSM written with Erika Lust. The book will now feature one of Sebas Romero’s most definitive portraits of me. This covergirl is wearing full make-up and a lace blindfold, of course.

Primera Línea – June 2012 issue

Although this cover image was taken in February, there was warm sunlight washing over me as I posed naked. I was concerned that my nipples wouldn’t appear hard enough so I asked the photographer if she had some ice. She nodded and smiled. I was careful to rub it on them so that they stood up just the way I wanted.

Bedeseme – May 2012 issue

This image was taken at Barcelona Fetish Weekend and the only thing that I really remember about it.  I was modelling a made-to-measure latex dress by MadRubb when Tentesion got to work with his camera. I was completely paranoid about the fact I wasn’t wearing panties underneath the dress. The photograph became the startling cover image of this digital BDSM magazine based in Spain.

Inglés para pervertidos

The photograph that decorates the cover of my educational text book is still one of my most powerful images. The book is intended to enhance the teaching of English to native Spanish speakers by using sex as its guiding theme. Guy Moberly captured an image of me that speaks volumes about my humourous and provocative approach to fetishism and language teaching.

Interviu – October 17th 2011 issue

In Spain, Interviu magazine is such an accepted part of popular culture and celebrity print media that it was no surprise that one of my ambitions was to be on its cover. Although it features in-depth articles about politics and religion, it is also famous for its topless cover girls and their glamorous photo-spreads featured inside. It was a unique experience for me to finally become one of the cover girls. I was pictured with my back to the spectator and wearing a bra on my bum.

Tilly Johnson’s Pillow Book

So much has happened on Planet Venus lately that sometimes I almost forget that my first appearance as a cover girl. It was as Tilly Johnson that I made my covergirl debut and she was the imaginary secretary of the Erotic Review.

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