Unexpected Things I Experienced When Dating Online

Online dating is all the rage. To some, it may sound awkward, and a tad weird, because you’re meeting strangers. Some people meet the love of their life on these online dating sites though. It’s such a wild thing. I mean, yes, you will run across some catfish. By catfish, I mean people pretending to be someone that they’re not. It’s more common and happens more often than people would like to believe, It sucks, but it’s just a part of the online dating life that you have to deal with.

Online dating gives you the ability to meet more people near where you live than you would probably meet on your own. Online dating gives you better options at meeting someone who’s meant for you. I say this, because you put in what you are like, and put what you’re looking for in a partner. 

The algorithm of the online dating site allows you to match with a person that fits with what you’re looking for in a partner. It also matches with what that person is looking for in a partner. You both meet each other’s criteria, according to the info that you put into the dating site. It’s amazing how it works, to be honest.


When Algorithms Go Wrong 

Sometimes the algorithms of these online dating sites can go bonkers, and connect you to people who are NOT matches for you. This sucks when it happens, I understand. Nobody likes when the algorithms go wrong. It’s not the preferred scenario, ever.

When you’re matched with someone who isn’t a match for you, things can go a bit haywire. You might swipe the match away, because you aren’t interested, and know that it was a mistake from the beginning. However, the other person might not think, or feel the same way as you. They might reach out to you. Sometimes it can go unexpectedly, to say the least.

Nobody ever wants to say that they have had a bad, or completely unexpected experience, with online dating. It almost feels taboo, so to speak. I have had my fair share of weird experiences though, you might find that you have had some similar to mine as well, maybe anyways.


Unexpected Mishaps 

Sometimes things can go south with online dating sites. Everyone knows this, and yes, even I know this. It can become quite a brutal situation. When things go badly, sometimes things don’t go so well afterwards. It’s quite awkward if I’m being honest.

Things sometimes go sideways. You can’t plan, or expect, for everything to go perfectly always. It’s not how things work. It’s not how life works for that matter. Sometimes with dating online, it can go wild, I mean, super wild, like you wouldn’t believe. 

It’s a part of online dating that people don’t want to talk about or acknowledge. Whether we talk about it or not, it still happens all the same. I hope that all of us understand this. If we talk about it more, then maybe more people will understand that this does happen, and is something that needs to be watched out for when you’re online dating. If not, then we can run into certain oopsies.


My Very Own Personal Experiences With Unexpected Occurrences 

So, I have had a couple of unfortunate experiences with online dating myself. I guess it’s just to be expected with online dating, however, it was completely unexpected for me. I didn’t see it coming. It just really caught me off guard, and yeah, it kind of sucked, if I’m being honest.

These are things I don’t usually just tell people, however, I want folks to understand what can happen when they’re online dating. No, this won’t always happen, but there is always a chance that it can. I want to inform everyone that I can about it, so that way they know.


All Over My Favorite Band? 

I matched with a person that we will call Dylan on an online site. His profile seemed like someone that I would be into, so I reached out in a message. Dylan got back in touch with me, and it went from there. Just simple questions, to get to know each other better. However, as soon as I told Dylan, my favorite band, he lost his cool with me.

He said that the band I loved was absolute trash, and started to put me down, and say terrible things to me. Yes, all because he “hated” my favorite music band. It was so crazy. I had to block him because he would just keep sending such hateful messages.


It Was Never Even Tyler

A guy I had matched with previously on an online dating site. and reached out to, finally messaged me back one day. I was thoroughly shocked. He was quite handsome, and a little out of my league. I still had tied it anyways. I mean, we matched for a reason, right?

I messaged him back, and we will call him Tyler. Tyler and I had a great conversation for a couple of days until we didn’t. All of a sudden I was called all sorts of foul names by Tyler’s wife. Yes, his wife.


I didn’t know Tyler was married and on this online dating site. Yet, he was. Sucks for me, because his wife has called me every name under the sun. What’s even better, I had never even talked with Tyler. My connection, and conversations, have always been with his wife. I suggested that maybe she and I should meet up, and see where our chemistry went, but she wasn’t having any of that.


Take Care 

With online dating, you can never be sure where it will lead you, or take you. It’s not unexplored. Some people just choose to be dishonest and use it to sleep around. It’s about what you want. 

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Stay safe and have fun when you’re online dating.

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