Unboxing Video – Bellesa – Sex Toy Review

This box was sitting in my ‘incoming’ toys area in my office for a few days before I finally opened it. I thought I would save it for the actual unboxing video so that my reactions to its contents would be as authentic as possible. 


You may imagine that after acquiring an impressive collection of 700 sex toys, I rarely get as excited about new products as I used to. However, this time was going to be an exception as there were some products that really made me curious. I’m looking for new shapes and technology to add to my toy sexperiences. 


Aurora is a versatile vibrator that is curved. It is ideal for G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. Cardi B gave one to all her friends at her birthday party. I can vouch that it is a pretty good gift. It has a nice deep, rumbly motor and it is versatile. You can even use it to massage other parts of the body. 

Halo is a ring vibrator. It can be worn on the base of the penis during intercourse to provide clitoral stimulation to the female partner. This is how it used conventionally, However, during my many testing sessions, I have discovered that they are also ideal for enhancing a blow job. You can make sure that the vibrating part is worn on the testicle side of the penis. It can also be worn on your two middle fingers and be used as a clitoral stimulator. All in all, ring vibes are incredibly versatile. 

Nirvana is a powerful wand massager. I already have this in my extensive collection which means that I will be giving this one away to a friend. I just haven’t chosen which one yet. I absolutely love wand massagers. I especially love the fact that the motors tend to be bigger and stronger and the vibrating surface area is greater than most sex toys. This means that you can stimulate the whole vulva as well as the clitoral glans. The curved handle means that it is very ergonomic to hold. It is also ideal for massaging other parts of your body or your partner’s body. 

Dea is a mini rabbit vibrator. I must confess that when I saw pictures of Dea online, I thought that it was just another rabbit vibrator. Despite this, when I held it in my hand for the first time. I knew that I had to try it. The flat base means that it can stand up, maybe on your bedside cabinet or somewhere more visible if you dare to. I was already impressed when I held it, but when I actually tried it, I was blown away. Check out my full review of Dea here

Airvibe is the fruit of a collaboration between Bellesa and BuzzFeed. It is also part of Bellesa’s discreet collection. It is presented in a super cute red case. This means that you don’t have to be worried about hiding it or travelling with it. It resembles a powder puff and can be kept in your makeup collection. It is a clitoral sucking toy and a vibrator. There are 2 motors that can be controlled individually and the insertable element is flexible si it can adapt to all anatomies. I was impressed by it when I saw it but when I tried it I was also blown away. Check out the full review here. 

Finger Pro is just that, a finger vibe worn on the finger. It is supposed to enhance your own finger. Or maybe your partner’s finger. It has a mini tongue that provides intense clitoral stimulation and 105 silicone rods to stimulate you, It can be enjoyed as a clitoral stimulator or it can be used to caress or tickle other parts of your body during foreplay with a partner. 

Check out the video below for a more detailed presentation of its contents. Enjoy! 


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