I’m feeling a bigger and bigger attraction towards the world of TV these days. If you asked me  why this is I would have a hard time explaining it. The irony is that I don’t even own a TV. I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on anything and I function perfectly well without gameshows, celebrity gossip or the latest docusoap. Still, the potential for TV to promote and develop Planet Venus can not be ignored.

I had anticipated being booked for a TV appearance or two after Interviu magazine featured me on its cover and inside its pages. Despite my efforts to get on TV at that time, I was constantly reminded, by someone who must remain nameless, that it would be much easier for me to be featured if I went out with a footballer or if I got off with Paquirrin. When I thought about it I decided that I was not that desperate.

Fortunately, my ambition to have a higher profile on TV is being realised without me having to compromise or do what other people think is necessary to succeed. I was right not to follow their advice. TV is finding me and not the other way round.

These pictures were shot a year ago and I have been waiting for an excuse to use them since then. Now I can because I was on TV just last Friday ( May 11th 2012). I appeared in a segment of the programme Callejeros made by Canal Cuatro Spain. I got to talk about my ongoing addiction to rabbit vibrators of all kinds.

To view the report, see below:


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33 thoughts on “TVenus”

    1. satin_skin_girl

      So cool the way you contrast the black and white pics with the gorgeous colour of the videoclip.

    2. Alicya@Metropolis

      Is sweet and funny in sex toy place…could watch you all the times doing anythings.

    1. MiladyBlablabla

      Most def! We seen U buying the cute vibe…what about seein’ U testin’ too?

    1. missedablister

      You don’t need to pretend in the vid…so charming it makes the morbidity of the scenario so much greater for me.

  1. A soft car crash of stunning leg fetishism, high heel devotion and defunct audio-visual instrumentality. High concept kink is the name of this game.

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