Travelling With Sex Toys – My Orgasmic lifestyle

Travelling With Sex Toys – My Orgasmic lifestyle

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus responds to an online question about how she travels with sex toys. She offers some useful tips.


Venus needs to travel with sex toys a lot. So, how does she choose her sex toy travelling companions?


She always goes for sex toys that are small and discreet. When she says ‘discreet’ she isn’t just making a reference to their size and appearance. The noise they generate, when they’re being used, is very important. Depending upon where you’re travelling to, keeping the volume down is a necessary precaution.


Hotels can have thin walls. And, if you’re staying with friends, or family, you don’t want to use: ‘a loud, buzzy, vibrator.’


When Venus is travelling with sex toys, she doesn’t keep thinking about orgasms on holiday. It’s more often the case that she’s travelling for the purpose of work. She doesn’t always sleep particularly well when she’s away from her own bed. When she uses a vibrator, she often finds that she can relax more easily and sleep a lot better.


Orgasm is an effective muscle relaxant in her case. So, when she’s travelling with sex toys, Venus selects a device that’s going to be efficient and quiet. It needs to be small as well. If a charging cable is required, it’s essential to have it with her. Regardless of that, sex toys need to be fully charged before you travel with them.


Venus recommends taking two sex toys along with you when you travel. One should be treated as a back-up because: ‘you never know what’s going to happen with the other one.’


She recalls going to New York, many years ago. In those days, she was using a rabbit vibrator that was battery-operated. The toy she was carrying with her broke. So, she had to buy a new toy while she was there. It was more expensive than she expected. A whole day’s holiday spending money had to be used. Stateside orgasms were a must so she had no choice.


Now, Venus recommends taking a small, pebble-shaped, clitoral stimulator with her. A small bullet-vibrator is a very useful addition because: ‘it hardly takes up any space at all.’ A drawstring storage bag is recommended for travelling with sex toys.


Another thing that she’s learned, the hard way, is not to store sex toys with her cosmetics. In the past, she has been caught out by the rules governing travelling with liquids. If a sex toy has a shape that’s reminiscent of a perfume bottle, it can lead to confusion and delay. Her bag might be opened and searched. 


Venus suggests placing a small sex toy in a shoe or similar space. Packing one amongst layers of clothing might be another option.


In her experience, if her cosmetic bag is opened and a sex toy is found inside, it could be embarrassing. Not necessarily just for her, but for the airport security staff conducting the search.


Venus would never travel with a huge, phallic, sex toy. That would be humiliating if it was found. She travelled with a strap-on dildo once upon a time. It was inside a product box that advertised it as ‘Lesbian Lover’ in large letters. Its promotional illustration featured a woman: ‘wearing a big schlong.’ 


The security staff who found it acted in a very formal way. That made her feel even more uncomfortable. If you’re travelling with sex toys, try not to carry something that is so obvious. You never know who else, in the queue, might see it as well.


Venus makes a point of stressing the importance of your destination as well. Make sure, before you travel with sex toys, that they are legal in the territory where you are going. She had a business trip to Dubai last summer. A quick check online, before she flew, confirmed that sex toys are illegal there. Having already heard anecdotes about sex toys being confiscated, she chose not to risk it.


In summary, the main message that Venus wants to share about travelling with sex toys is: ‘Go for the small, discreet, clitoral stimulators that are rechargeable, and quiet.’

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