Trans Health with Buck Angel – Trans Activist, Entrepreneur & Sex Toy Designer

Buck Angel, a trans activist, entrepreneur, sex toy designer, and influencer, joins The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast by Venus O’Hara to give insights about the journey to becoming a transsexual man and how to embrace it.


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The Difference Between Transgender and Transsexual (2:20)

Transgender became an umbrella term to encompass many different types of gender variations, such as non-binary, genderqueer, and anyone who wants to in any way, shape, or form play with their gender. Transsexual refers to someone that wants to have a sex change. Buck is a transsexual who was born female and now lives as a man.

The Reality About Bottom Surgeries (6:19)

Buck admits that not all trans people decide to do a bottom surgery to change their genitals to match the gender they identify with. It’s a personal decision that only impacts the person undergoing the procedure. Sometimes trans people experience problems after having bottom surgery. However, it’s different for every individual. 

Accepting Your Vagina (8:31)

For Buck, it was difficult to change his mindset and to accept his vagina. When he was a woman, he felt embarrassed about his body. When Buck transitioned to a man, he was conflicted about getting a penis or not. Eventually, he decided not to get penis surgery and gradually began to accept his body.

The Journey to Transition (12:24)

Transitioning from female to male or vice versa is not an easy task. It requires a lot of physical and psychological effort. Buck highlights that in the trans space, you can’t let people fail in their transition. Otherwise, they may experience severe psychological damage. 

When he began the road to transitioning, Buck was a pioneer and relied on doctors who never worked with trans men. They were taking it one step at a time, carefully working so that Buck could get through the entire process successfully. He describes how he went to therapy for a year, even before starting to take hormones. After that, Buck began taking testosterone which he still does today and found a top surgeon who removed his breasts.  

Changes and Potential Issues After Transition (19:13)

Following the transition, Buck says that he stopped having monthly periods and that he is no longer fertile. Buck also experienced vaginal atrophy from the long use of testosterone on a female body, which was the first record in the scientific community of such an issue. Though many things remain unknown, people need to inform themselves as much as possible to be one hundred per cent certain about their decision to transition. 

Designing Sex Toys (35:23)

Buck is also a sex toy designer. One example is Buck Off, the first transgender male sex toy on the market. Buck points out that creating a product for the LGBT community is a game-changer. He also has a lubricant called T-LUBE, a T-STIM stimulator, T-OIL for trans men, and other products that are sold on his website.

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  • “Trans people are not all the same. We are all individuals. The idea that trans people are monolithic is deceiving the world and us as trans people.”
  • “We still don’t have all the medical information needed to make this a healthy space for all these new up-and-coming transitioning people. But you need to search for what is available in the present and make an informed choice about your transition.”


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