Touch from Swan Solo – Review

Touch from Swan Solo – Review

This month, I’m celebrating my 5 year anniversary of being a professional sex toy tester. I was writing my erotic memoir when I first started. Whenever I got writer’s block, I used to grab whatever pleasure object I was supposed to be reviewing and go to my bedroom and lie down on my unmade bed. As soon as I was horizontal, there was an abundance of ideas flowing. Whatever had previously seemed to be blurry and vague at my desk, suddenly became clear.  I used to worry about forgetting any important details that would inevitably improve my story. To prevent this, I used to keep voice memos on my mobile, almost out of breath, as I approached my climax. Needless to say, they were highly amusing to listen back to at my desk afterwards.

My first sex toys were battery-operated rabbit vibrators. It’s incredible to think of how much they have advanced since then. I remember a time when receiving a silicone sex toy in an elegant box was something of a luxury. These days, it has become standard, fortunately. The technology and materials used have also improved in leaps and bounds. But, what about the orgasms?

Touch by Swan Solo is a clear example of how things have advanced over the last 5 years. What really intrigues me about this sex toy is that the clitoral competent is almost more significant than the vaginal element. Size is not as important as people might think. The shaft is wide at the base and then is narrow and pointy at the tip, allowing for precise G spot stimulation. The clitorial arm is incredibly flexible so the toy will adapt women of all anatomies. I researched the clitoral – vaginal distance in women and toys a few years ago. Given that this distance varies in all toys and women, it’s essential that these elements can adapt to satisfy different anatomies.

As well as its unique shape, softness and flexibility, I was very intrigued about the responsive touch control, which is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.

PACKAGING: It’s presented in an elegant box that’s ideal for a special gift and for storage. It also contains a storage pouch, a USB charging cable, a multilingual instructions manual.

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MATERIAL: Bodysafe silicone which is incredibly soft. Compatible with a water-based lubricant. It’s also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or in the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly and strong. It has 2 motors, one of them is located in the shaft to stimulate the entrance of the vagina and the G spot. The other one is located in the clitoral stimulator.

USABILITY: I needed to read the instructions to work out how to use the touch function. It was really simple, once I worked I did. All you have to swipe until you reach your desired speed (see video below). The vibration is continuous and adjustable. There are no pulsating or wave vibration settings. Personally, my needs are usually pretty basic: switch on and go to the highest continuous setting until I explode. Once you have reached your desired speed, there is a speed lock. This is to prevent any accidental ‘touches’ and changes to the speed when you least want it. All you have to do is short press the main button to activate or deactivate it when your favourite speed is running.

I love using rabbit vibrators externally. That is to say, using the G spot component to stimulate the entrance of the vagina instead of inserting it. Of course, I also enjoy using them the conventional way, so I was going to have to try this a toy a few times…

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I had the most incredible orgasms with this toy. I’ve been under a lot of stress. Nothing bad though. I just have a lot of work and timekeeping is becoming an issue as I’m trying to keep my lifestyle as orgasmic as possible. Thanks to Touch from Swan Solo, I was transported to another dimension as I bounced up and down on my unmade bed in a state of orgasmic bliss. This might be one for the ‘repeat’ drawer.

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PROS: Deep, rumbly vibrations. Easy to use yet sophisticated. Waterproof. Incredible, versatile shape. Rechargeable.

CONS: If you like big phalluses or deep penetration, or if you enjoy pulsation and wave vibration modes, this toy isn’t for you.


  • Simultaneous clitoral and G spot stimulation.
  • External stimulation.
  • Women who enjoy internal stimulation from a sex toy that isn’t too big.
  • Fans of continuous vibration modes.

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2 thoughts on “Touch from Swan Solo – Review”

  1. I love that this toy has no vibration patterns. I never ever use them and it’s so refreshing to find a toy that focuses on solid, quality vibration.

  2. I suffer from Endometriosis and I have got this toy to try because of the lack of internal penetration depth, which usually causes pain. I have high hopes about it’s suitability. I have two other Swan toys and they are the best I’ve ever used.

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