Top 5 LELO Products I Use For Masturbation by Venus O’Hara

My vast sex toy collection now boasts over 700 pleasure products. I think it is pretty impressive. Not only does it represent all the orgasms I’ve had. It also symbolises how hard I have worked since 2013 when I started reviewing sex toys professionally. 


There are some toys that have been repeated more than others. Some that stayed close to my bedside cabinet, even long after the review was done and dusted. For Masturbation May, I couldn’t help but revisit some of my all-time favourites. 


The brand LELO occupies 2 full big plastic storage boxes in my collection. One box is classified as ‘clitoral’. In it, there are the wand massagers, lay on vibrators and sonic massagers. And the other box is labelled: ‘other’. It contains rabbits, G spot stimulators, couples toys and more. 


It was easy to select my five favourites. I smiled a nostalgic smile as I went through these boxes to find them. I remembered how much I enjoyed them and repeated them. 


The first product I have to mention is Siri 2. I received it many moons ago and it has featured in many of my top 5 videos. It could even be one of my most repeated sex toys ever. I received it around 5 or 6 years ago and I still feel a tingle when I remember how much I used it. For a long time, it was my ‘go to’ vibrator for many reasons. It has a simple and ergonomic shape and at the time it was advertised as being LELO’s strongest vibrator. The deep, rumbly vibrations against my clitoris felt divine. It is also apparently used by professional singers. They use it to massage the throat before singing. I didn’t try it that way personally, but it always helped me to hit the high notes. 

Ina Wave, a luxury rabbit vibrator, is another much-loved masturbation tool. I received this one soon after Siri 2 and it is also a highly repeated product. I’m amazed by how well it has kept over the years even though I have used it so many times. Although it is popular because of the wave motion of the shaft, which does feel good, my favourite way to use it was actually externally. Please see my video below if you are curious. I loved it because of the amazing deep rumbly motors, the shape and its long-lasting battery. 

Ora 3, an oral sex simulator, has a special place in my heart because the first Ora was actually the Lelo toy that gave me my first LELOgasm. I thought it was good, but Ora 2 was better and Ora 3 was even better. Ora 3 is a massive improvement thanks to the increased size of the moving tongue tip. It sticks out more too. Amazing. As my sex toy reviewing business – or should that be BUZZiness? – got busier, it became harder for me to repeat toys. Naturally, I didn’t want to wear my body out with too many sheet-gripping orgasms, as well as the time factor. Despite this, I have had some sneaky repetitions with Ora 3 long after the review process was over. I loved the fact that it was like oral sex from a skilled cunnilinguist whenever I wanted it. I love the combination of the vibration with the moving element which rotates. Divine. 

Sila is shaped like a snail and it is a sonic clitoris massager. Many people have asked me how it compares to Sona, but for me, there is no comparison. Sila is without a show of a doubt, much more orgasmic. I absolutely adore the shape of the nozzle. It is oval-shaped and wider than Sona’s nozzle. It has certainly given me many orgasms. Another thing I love about it is that it has patterned programmes. There are pulsations and waves and you can increase or decrease the intensity in order to find your favourite setting. Many similar products only offer continuous modes and this is something that makes Sila unique. 

Last but not least I chose Tiani 3 because I remember the high-quality orgasm that it provoked. Often, due to my vast experience with sex toys, I can often tell if I’m going to like a product before I try it. However, in the case of Tiani 3, I was completely surprised. I totally underestimated its orgasmic potential. Although it is designed to be a couple’s toy, I absolutely loved using it as a solo toy. Even though the insertable element was fine and small, it definitely was significant as a dual stimulator. It is very comfortable to wear and although it’s a fairly small toy, it is quite strong and the orgasms are definitely BIG. 



And there you have my top 5 LELO products for masturbation. For more information about any of them visit:



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