Tights Fetish

The tights fetish is back where it belongs – on the high street, in the fashion magazines and being flaunted by women of all shapes and sizes. I’m glad the weather is getting cooler so I can enjoy wearing them again myself.

As an erotic second skin, tights do two vital things. By defining the form of the female leg, they reveal its arousing contours in perfect detail. At the same time they place a transparent barrier between those contours and the rest of the sensual world. They conceal and reveal at the same time.

It was only a few years ago that tights were out of fashion. Now, because of a higher media profile and stunning new patterns they are back. The sight of them always provokes a positive reaction and sometimes so much more than that.

When we shot this set, I wanted to display my legs in all their tight-wearing glory. The pair I chose were purple coloured and beautifully patterned. My red hair contrasted perfectly with them and so did the black lace top that I chose. I added a little diamante thong underneath the tights for extra kinky value.

To celebrate the tights fetish I played around with shoulder stands and leg poses that made my legs a perfect advertisement for it.

Photos by Yuky

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21 thoughts on “Tights Fetish”

  1. Wow, your legs look so amazing in those tights! I have never seen such an eye catching pattern.

    It was sad to see the People’s Choice Awards with so many women without hosiery, just bare legs. Some of those outfits could have benefited from opaque tights or at least pantyhose.

    More people like you coming out to declare how great tights are is what we need! 🙂

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