Tickle Torture (Tickle Fetish)

This photo-set was shot by a tickle fetish expert. It was my first set based on this kink and I’d been anticipating it for weeks before it finally happened. I have very sensitive feet so the excitement built up for days beforehand.

My objective was to produce a set that captured all of my natural and unrehearsed reactions to the random, unexpected tickles on the soles of my feet. Posing for photo-shoots usually means smiling and pouting in a practised way.

This time, the value of the images would rest in my spontaneous responses captured in the moment. They might not be my prettiest looks but the honesty of my laughter would make the point.

I arrived at the photographer’s studio and I showed him my extensive collection of stockings. We’d agreed that the right pair would be an important part of the success of the set. He explained his ideas for the scenario which included sitting me on a hard office chair, tying my ankles to a horizontal metal bar and placing a blindfold on me.


When we began, the reality of the ankle restraint became clear. He used his skilled hand first and the delicious tension in the pauses between his abrupt tickles reminded me of being spanked. When it got too much I told him to stop. Then, unknown to me, he began to use his “secret tickling implements” and, because of the blindfold, I had no idea what they might be.


Even with his skills, I started to become more and more resistant to his efforts but, even so, after an hour I was exhausted and laughed out. When I finally left the studio I felt as though I’d had the best and most satisfying foot massage ever.

I’m looking forward to exploring more about the tickle fetish… very soon.

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Photography by stephan.carbonmade.com/

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  1. In my view this – epic length – sequence is by far your most intense. It is, at one and the same time, truly remarkable for its intelligence and sensitivity. Quite brilliant.

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