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The Thrill of Sex in Hotels

The Thrill of Sex in hotels

The Thrill of Sex in Hotels

“You’re really loud today” someone once informed me in the middle of the sex act. Louder than normal? I pondered this when I recalled the shuddering orgasm that I experienced a few minutes earlier. Yes, it had been louder. This was partly because I was really into it at that moment. On further reflection I had to concede to myself that my increased volume was more to do with the fact that I was in a hotel.

But it’s not just the volume of my ecstatic sexual moans, and gasps, that increase in a hotel. There is a personality change that happens to me as soon as I walk through the bedroom door. I feel the need to be messier and more daring than normal. This helps to explain my lack of inhibition about being noisy in bed because, during sex I don’t care whether anyone can hear me or not. They do not know me and I would not recognise them. There is no possibility of bumping into a scandalised neighbour in the lift or at breakfast the following morning. If my squeals and screams have kept them awake, what do I care? After all, it is hardly likely that I would ever see them again.

This can also be the case for couples who have been together for many years. Spending a night in a hotel is perfect for breaking the cycle of sexual monotony and doing it in a different environment. For unfaithful people, hotel rooms that can be paid for by the hour are ideal for illicit encounters and secret trysts that have a time-limit. These limitations are not usually imposed by the hotel itself, but are conditions placed upon individuals by the day to day commitments of their official relationships.


According to one unfaithful friend of mine, it is precisely this limitation of available time that gets him going. He knows that he has to make the most of every second that he is alone with his lover simply because it is the only real opportunity that they have to be entirely alone with each other. Hotel rooms by the hour are also ideal for people who still live with their parents, who have to be in shared apartments or who don’t have a car.

Whatever the personal circumstances are, doing it in a hotel has an undeniable sexual appeal. It is clear that luxury hotels are a lot more inviting than the cheaper ones. We are, hopefully, in a post Financial Crisis world but the economic situation for most people is still precarious even now. Doing it a hotel room can be an expensive hobby. But, if you are like me and you are more interested in the quality of the hotel than its location, there are many good rooms on offer in industrial areas or close to the airport during the weekends.

There are people who dream of waking up with that partner, or lover, in Paris,Venice or other equally romantic destinations. I wouldn’t care if the room I found myself in was somewhere in Croydon. Yes, there is something exciting about hotel rooms. For me, they are thrilling just because I can be noisier and more outrageous than usual.

Translation of ‘Sexo en hoteles‘, published in El País.

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