Selling sex toys

Thinking about Selling Sex Toys?

Thinking about Selling Sex Toys? 


Written by Venus O’Hara


I could write a book about all the negative judgement I have faced over the years for my job as an orgasm activist. As well as the standard momentary jaw-dropping gesture, some reactions I’ve had to endure include the following statements:


‘Why don’t you just get married?’ (and get some poor guy to pay for your life)

‘Do you want me to help you with your CV?’ (so that you can get a real job) 

‘Maybe you shouldn’t tell people what your job is in case they judge you…’ (like I’m judging you now)


I must admit that I too did worry about what other people might think of me before I started this website over 11 years ago. 


But in the end, I realised that those that matter don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter. As a result, my job has served as a filter for fake ‘friends’ and potential lovers. Those who can’t handle the real me just shouldn’t stick around basically. I probably won’t miss them anyway. 


I created my Venusian empire during the 2008 crisis and the challenging world economic situation. At the time, I just wanted to fill my empty fridge with food and pay my rent. Naturally, other people’s opinions were no longer an obstacle in my pursuit of the path of sex blogging success. 


Now, during this economic crisis, I have to say that I’m handling it a lot better than the last one. This is because the sex toy industry is currently booming. Global lockdown means that there is a lot more time for idle hands to get busy and couples have more time to devote to pleasing each other. This even applies to long-distance relationships or couples who are unable to quarantine together. Thanks to app-controlled toys, they can maintain intimacy from any corner of the world. 


There are those who might be inspired by the current economic climate to actually set up their own sex biz. 


There is a common misconception that sex sells, and it does, but it’s important to realise that it’s definitely not automatic. You have to put the time and dedication into it just like you would with anything else in life. If you decide to set up an online sex shop, you must create a website, social media accounts and get your stock from some wholesale sex toys suppliers. As far as setting up your own online business is concerned, it’s not that difficult.  The real test is surviving the test of time and delivering your orgasmic objects to your clients on time. 


It’s so good to be working in an industry that is on the rise and that brings so much joy to people compared to all the doom and gloom we see around us when we switch on the news. Or even when I walk down the street and see that many businesses are temporarily shut due to COVID-19. 


One piece of good news is that the planet is becoming more orgasmic thanks to the booming sex toy industry. With all this instability it’s truly wonderful to feel secure. But the best thing is that now, all those people who were previously so judgmental about my career choice have finally shut up. 

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