The Worst Piece of Advice I Ever Gave (Online STD Check)

I’ve been receiving lots of messages from my followers with their questions about sex toys, female orgasm and sexuality in general. Given that I don’t have time to personally write back to all of them, I usually answer them by making a Q&A video on my YouTube channel instead. 


I consider myself to be an empath and all throughout my life, friends and acquaintances have come to me to ask for advice about their sex lives and many other subjects that they couldn’t speak to anyone else about. I’m deeply flattered that people perceive me as being a wise individual who uplifts and gives good advice. The downside to being such an effective empath is that it can sometimes frustrate me that I don’t have the luxury of having such an empath in my own life. A person with an open mind who will always try to understand me, uplift me and give me some great advice. 


Despite my sentimental and sexual problem-solving skills, I must confess that I haven’t always given the best advice. In fact, I can think of a time when I was at Uni when I gave a friend the worst advice ever.  To my dismay, she took it and suffered the consequences long after the fact. It is something I still feel terrible about. 


Despite this, it taught me a very big life lesson. 

Let me explain:

It was a summer’s evening back in the late 90s. I was at a Uni party with several friends and we had all had quite a lot to drink. We got the night bus back to the suburb where we all lived and as we stumbled in the direction of our student accommodation, my friend told me that she was super horny and wanted to have sex with her boyfriend. The problem was that she didn’t have any condoms left. 


Unfortunately, I didn’t have any to offer her. I could see through my beer goggles that she was disappointed. 


‘You could just have sex with him and then get the morning after pill tomorrow’, I offered. 


At first, it seemed like a good solution to her situation but nothing could have been further from the truth. Later I discovered that it was the worst piece of advice I have ever given.  


This big life lesson took several weeks to manifest its ugly head in the form of genital warts. When my friend discovered them one day, she was horrified. Then when she confronted her boyfriend, she got an even bigger shock. He confessed that he had been sleeping with other girls, some of them were people that my friend knew quite well and had trusted. 


Needless to say, she ended that relationship, but the genital warts problem persisted. She had to seek medical treatment and when she told me about it, not only did I feel terrible for suggesting barebacking in the first place, but I learned a big lesson too. I have always been religious about condom use in my own life ever since that incident. I have always been a massive proponent of safe sex. For this reason, (and many more) I cannot support the porn industry – where condoms are scarce – and I think that it gives such a terrible message. It would be really great if condoms could be eroticised more. I know that for me they have only enhanced my sex life as opposed to spoiling the fun, as many people believe they do. 


Even if you are a devoted condom user and you have good intentions where safe sex is concerned, the sad truth is that some sexually transmitted infections, such as HPV, can still be transmitted even if you use condoms. In addition, in the case of my friend, she had some obvious symptoms whereas some STIs are asymptomatic. In other words, you can have an STD and unknowingly transmit it to others. If you suspect you have contracted an STD through unprotected sexual contact, sharing drug injection equipment, or by coming into contact with infected blood, it is important that you get tested as soon as possible to avoid any health complications.


If you are in the USA and you are concerned about sexually transmitted infections and you would like to be tested, check out this online STD checking service. They offer a 10-Test Panel that checks for all of the most common STDs. The results are sent to your email as soon as they are available, usually within 1-2 days. In addition, all of your health information is private and protected.


Check it out and stay safe! 


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