The Tip of The Iceberg

The Tip of The Iceberg – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

As someone who practises mindfulness, I understand the importance of living in the present. The here and now. But at this particular moment, my thoughts are drifting towards the future. 


I can’t help myself. 


I’m lying flat on top of you and your hard cock is pressed between our naked bodies. In normal circumstances, I would probably sit up, caress you a little bit, and then ride you until we both reach ecstasy. 


But not this time. 


Almost without noticing it, your penis inadvertently finds itself nestling between the tops of my thighs. Your length rests against my perineum and as I press my thighs tighter together, I can feel your hardness against my throbbing clitoris and it’s driving me wild. 


So wild. 


Something primitive inside me is unleashed. I can’t quite control it. My Venusian nectar is flowing abundantly as I start to rock my pelvis rhythmically against you. I’m sliding my wet, inner thighs up and down your length. It feels as though I’m performing a very unique type of pole dance. I build up the momentum to accentuate my pleasure and express my unbridled passion. I whisper in your ear that you turn me on so much, although I’m pretty sure that it’s already obvious.


I’m dying to feel you inside me.  


But not yet…  


I want to indulge this foreplay exploration for a little longer. Interestingly, it doesn’t feel like foreplay; it’s more like a parenthesis of pleasure that I want to last for as long as physically possible before the inevitable takes place and our bodies join together. 


After a while, I want some variation so I sit up and straddle you and grab ahold of your penis. You are rock hard and as I hold the base, I press your tip against my clitoris and move it in circles to stimulate myself directly. I wonder if I could come like this…


This isn’t about orgasm, though, it’s about edging and building up the sensation and stimulation as much as possible.


I open my legs wider and continue stimulating myself, teasing myself with your tip, and only the tip – in and out of the entrance of my vagina, resisting the temptation of allowing you to penetrate me fully. It feels so good that I cannot sustain the tease any longer. My body is hungry for yours and I eventually slide down your length until you are completely inside me. I sigh with relief that we are now completely deeply connected after such an intense buildup. 


So why can’t I live in the present moment when I’m fully immersed in these delicious sensations? 


Well, the answer is simple. 


I was making a mental record of every sensation, as I intend to recall them during solitary moments of self-exploration in the future. I know that closing my eyes and reminiscing about the feeling of your tip against my clitoris and the exhilarating energy it ignited in me will no doubt be the trigger for many of my future orgasms. 

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