The Thruster – A Handheld Sex Machine – Review

Can a sex doll ever really replace a man? This was the question on everybody’s lips when I tested a male sex doll for a BBC Three documentary earlier this year. I remember carefully straddling the emotionless silicone being before beginning to bounce up and down repeatedly on ‘its’ length. The objective of the exercise was to obtain sufficient vaginal stimulation to reach an orgasm that never came.

I must admit, when it comes to penetration, that I’m more than familiar with lying back and encouraging someone else to be fully in charge of the most important action. So, if you want to replace men, inventors will have to come up with something that does all of the hard work; they need to give us something that thrusts convincingly. That said, one can never replace real human warmth, the whispering of sweet nothings in your ear at strategic moments and the urgent expression of desire that is inherent to lovemaking.

For me, there’s no other physiological sensation that I’ve enjoyed as much as vaginal penetration. I arrived at this realisation the second time I ever had sex. I didn’t really know what I was doing back then and it seemed appropriate that my first boyfriend – who had more experience than me – guided the process. Although I was passive, I still recall the intensity of my responses. I was utterly ecstatic, moaning non-stop and I was attempting to process the multiple orgasms that surged through me and made me shudder. It was only afterwards that I became aware of discovering my A spot; it is a highly sensitive pleasure point positioned deep inside the vagina, close to the cervix. People often talk about the G spot as being the seat of the action but, in my experience, the A spot is where the real party is at.

I was excited to learn that I enjoyed penetration so much. After reading numerous women’s magazines, I’d arrived at the conclusion that we needed effective clitoral stimulation to really hit the high notes. Yet here I was, exploding over and over again from vaginal stimulation. Unfortunately, the boyfriend who provided me with this pleasure ended up being a waste of space. In the long run, he gave me more headaches than orgasms.

The sex we had was amazing but he was toxic. I found myself enduring a succession of arguments with him just to enjoy the penetration that I craved. If I’d had unlimited access to The Thruster back then, it would’ve spared me a great deal of anguish and relieved an enormous amount of unnecessary tension. I would’ve still laid back and been gifted the motion that led to high-quality, sheet-gripping, orgasms but with none of the anxiety.

The Thruster is a handheld sex machine designed by aerospace engineers, which means it’s guaranteed to provide you with an out-of-this-world experience. The Thruster is ideal for those times when you crave penetration but theres no one around to oblige.

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There are four variants of The Thruster available:

Jackie: the most realistic one. Ideal for when you crave the real thing,

Walter: for those individuals who don’t require a realistic phallus. Its beaded shape makes it ideal for anal training,

Frankie: a wider-headed pattern, like a penis but with a screw-like shaft.

Abbey: textured, but not realistic, with a ribbed surface for additional stimulation,

handheld sex machine, vaginal stimulation, vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, anal penetration, venusohara,


The Thruster is presented in an elegant box; this makes it ideal to be given as a gift or to provide a long-term storage option for the toy. It comes with a charging cable fitted with an American plug and a dedicated instructions leaflet. If you’re resident outside the US, it is recommended that you purchase an adaptor.

MATERIAL: Body safe silicone. Velvety soft finish. Compatible with water-based lubricants. Water-resistant and safe to wash but not submerging.

NOISE LEVEL:  Moderate 

POWER: The Thruster has ten powerful thrusting settings.

USABILITY:  Very intuitive. I didn’t even need to consult the instructions to understand and enjoy its full potential. It requires one hour for a full charge and that will provide you with up to eight hours of intense thrusting thrills. This means that you won’t have to recharge the toy very often. I lay back on my unmade bed,  inserted the head and pushed Jackie’s realistic shaft inside slowly before switching it on.

While I became acquainted with the thrusting sensation, I closed my eyes and enjoyed an elaborate fantasy about Tantric massage.This is something that I’m really into lately.

The shaft is flexible, so it can reach your inner hot-spots with ease.

Despite the relaxed, sensual nature of my fantasy, I found myself having to increase the intensity of the thrusting motion until I reached orgasm.

The Thruster can also be used vertically.

handheld sex machine, vaginal stimulation, vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, anal penetration, venusohara,

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Out of this world. Epic. Check out my reaction in the video below. For an even more, full-on, orgasmic outcome, combine it with clitoral stimulation or cunnilingus.

PROS: Incredible soft silicone. Can be enjoyed hand-held or hands-free if used vertically. Gender-neutral colouring. A variety of shaft designs offer distinct appeal to different tastes.

CONS: If you’re not resident in the USA, you’ll need to purchase a mains adaptor. Thruster might be a little too intense for a beginner’s sex toy.

handheld sex machine, vaginal stimulation, vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, anal penetration, venusohara,


  • Vaginal penetration.
  • Anal penetration.
  • Anyone of any gender who craves penetration.
  • Using with a clitoral stimulator.

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  1. Nice review! I am a single-sex loving girl and I love to play with sex toys. I was thinking to have a thruster but was not confirmed, now I am confirmed after reading your blog.

  2. Sono interessato all’acquisto The Thruster – La macchina del sesso portabile, come da video Sex Machine.

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