The Thrill of Going Barefoot (Foot Fetish)

The Thrill of Going Barefoot (Foot Fetish)

I just adore the feeling of going barefoot in the summer. For me, it’s a sensual experience like no other.

I remember loving that barefoot feeling when I was young, especially when I went out into the garden in the early morning. As I placed my naked feet on the cold grass, when it was still wet with dew, the delicate skin on my soles and inbetween my toes never failed to respond. This wonderful summer sensation was even more powerful after the winter months when I was only allowed to go outside with shoes and thick socks on my feet.

venus o'hara barefoot 19

The pleasure of going barefoot is different on the beach of course. I think it depends on the type of sand. I prefer thick grains rubbing against my tender soles and pushing up into the gaps between my toes. Small grains don’t give me the electric tingles that thick ones do. If I’m walking on my favourite sand, my whole body experiences delicious shudders.

Most of the time my barefoot experiences occur at home. After a long day outside, I like nothing better than to get through the front door, kick off my sandals and strip off my clothes. Then, I can really enjoy feeling the surface of my parquet floor or the coldness of the ceramic tiles in my kitchen or bathroom through my sensitive feet.

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The main drawback to going barefoot as much as I do is that it becomes harder to take good care of my feet. I get round this by having frequent pedicures but it isn’t a complete answer. Even though I mop my floors thoroughly, once a week at least, my soft white soles still end up dark with dirt. When I’m in the shower, I have to scrub my filthy feet because the hot running water can’t do the job alone.

venus o'hara barefoot 26

Then, when my feet are perfectly clean, soft and pedicured I go barefoot again. I realise that it won’t be long before they’re just as dirty as they were before.

It’s a lot of work to maintain my feet but, if it means that I can feel the thrill of going barefoot whenever I feel like it, it’s well worth it.

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  1. First of all, I want to mention that you have some beautiful feet. Secondly, I want to ask you if you have ever let someone clean your soles with the tongue ? (but the soles should be as in these pictures).

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