The Stimulating History of Sex Toys – Interview with Hallie Liebermann

The Stimulating History of Sex Toys – Interview with Hallie Liebermann, Sex Historian and Author of “Buzz a Stimulating History of Sex Toys”


Hallie Lieberman, Historian, Journalist, and Author of “Buzz a Stimulating History of Sex Toys”, joins The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast by Venus O’Hara. They discuss the history of sex toys, including how they came to be, what types of sex toys people have used throughout the years, and how these once-taboo objects became socially acceptable.

Key facts


Key takeaways

Strap-ons were initially for married couples

In the 1950s and 1960s, it was illegal for sex companies to sell sex toys. These sex companies found a loophole that allowed them to continue selling sex toys by only selling to married heterosexual couples. 

The feminist movement for sex toys and the female orgasm

Hallie explains that there was a branch within the main feminist movement that promoted policies focused on sex toys and women’s sexual rights. These pioneers of sex toys were not only fighting against entrenched societal prejudices but also against people within their subculture. Hallie admits those feminists started a sexual revolution that was based on the idea of men coercing women to sleep with them. This led to that branch of feminists denying sex as a form of power.

Surprising facts about sex toys

One fact Hallie reveals she was surprised by was that some feminists didn’t use dildos because of their patriarchal viewpoints.

Another interesting detail that she discovered during her research was the anti-technology ethos in the sixties and seventies. There was a fight against poorly made toys, but it was also argued that sex should be natural and that devices shouldn’t be used.

The future of sex toys

Hallie believes that with technological advancement, people will soon experience VR (virtual reality) sex.


Which phrase/affirmation/quote/philosophy do you live by?

Don’t take a minute for granted. Keep it positive and enjoy every moment. 


What is the book that changed your life?

Swan’s Way by Marcel Proust

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“Later in the fifties and sixties, there were dangerous vibrators that hurt people. And even if consumers had a rash on them or some problem, they were too embarrassed because they were illegal. So first, you had the cultural shame of it, and then the illegal or marginally legal aspect”. 

“Society views women’s sexuality as frivolous, and men’s sexuality is necessary for the continuance of the species. We have a vibrator advertisement somewhere, and people freak out. It is a double standard that still exists. And we still need to fight”.

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  1. Hello, Venus!

    I am listening to this episode, I’m at the point where you mentioned Kim Anami (the one promoting vaginal weightlifting, that’s her name).

    I paused to leave this comment. I wonder if you would like to talk one day about pelvic floor programs.

    I facilitate them, but with a 360 take on it (warmup, flow according to muscular fitness, relaxation / self massage-not sexual, but for relaxing the pelvic floor muscles- as well as stretching and mobilization of the entire area (muscles are linked, so if one gets tense, the neighbouring area gets affected too).

    I do agree with you that there are a lot of unsafe approaches to pelvic floor training. And many people just get a program from a practitioner (not designed for practitioner training!) and then sell themselves as facilitators too.

    Also, I definitely agree there is not enough regulation in the sexual accessories market. That’s why I’d love to talk to you about your experiences with accessories.

    Thank you,

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