The role of education in improving student sexual health

It is a very common opinion that many problems in people’s lives are caused by a lack of education. The statement can be questionable, but in most cases, it’s hard to deny that the level of education, and it can be not only education received at school, college, or university, is a very important factor. But, of course, the main source of information for students, if we talk about academic knowledge, are classes, where students receive more profound information, the basics of which they received at school. But what if students lack other knowledge, not something about math or literature? Does education help students to improve, for example, their mental or sexual health? We have prepared this article in order to determine the role of education in improving the sexual health of students.  

Classes of sexual education

The main question about the lessons of sexual education is the age of children and when these lessons should start. Basic knowledge should be given in primary school because children should understand physiological differences and that it’s normal to be different. But at the same time, some parents, due to different reasons (religious beliefs, for example), can be against such lessons. Anyway, the schools should find a compromise between those who are against and those who are for, and represent the appropriate amount of information to students depending on their age. If you are a parent but you are not sure whether it’s time to tell children about sexual health, you can try to find some articles where other parents share their experiences. Don’t be skeptical about this suggestion. When you are looking for a good place to eat or to stay, you will open Trip Advisor; when you need to know whether a writing service is reliable or not, you will open So, look for the stories of other parents and their experience in other schools and then make up your mind. 

High school students should have classes in biology, where they would learn more detailed information about how man and woman bodies differ and about all the processes and physiological reactions that are typical for each gender. You can ask why it is important to know how everything works. Sometimes parents have a strange prejudice that it’s better not to talk about sexual health or sexual life and sexuality because it can provoke children to start leading a sexual life. At this point, it is important to understand that you always want to try something you haven’t done before or something that you don’t understand. When children don’t receive enough information about sexual health and what they have to do in order to protect themselves from STDs, for example, that’s where the problems begin. Early pregnancy in such cases can be considered the least problem. 

Essays and articles about sexual health

Sometimes it can be easier for children to learn the information and understand the information if they prepare it by themselves. That is why paperwork about sexual health should be written on a regular basis. Thanks to writing such essays, students can learn some new information for themselves and will not be embarrassed (that is also the case for some teenagers or even grown-ups) to discuss this topic among others. If you think that you can have problems when writing an essay or preparing the materials, don’t worry. Nowadays, on the Internet, you can find a lot of information that is up-to-date and will serve as a good basis for your work. In case you have trouble writing the article or starting it, you can read some essay samples that are available online and on many writing services. 

At the same time, some doctors recommend writing essays for mental health. Those people who have problems expressing their thoughts when speaking can suffer from a lack of communication, which can cause depression and anxiety. They somehow have to express what they feel, and writing can be the perfect way out. Both mental health and sexual health are very important for any person, and by sexual health, we don’t mean only the absence of sexually transmitted diseases. The relationship should not be toxic; there should be no victim syndrome and ill-natured addictions or dependencies. Such a relationship is only possible when both partners take care of their mental health as well.


Lectures about the LGBT community 


It is also very important to teach about the LGBT community because exactly LGBT-students when living on campus, when going to classes, and visiting some sports events, can become the victims of irrelevant actions from other students that, for some reason, don’t know and understand that there is nothing wrong in coming-out and in being who you really are. Lectures can also be useful for those students who, for the moment, are in the process of identification. When visiting the lectures about the LGBT community, they can understand that their sexual health is not under threat, no matter how they identify themselves. 


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