The Rise of The Armpit Fetish

The armpit fetish has moved into the mainstream so far that you only have to look at the covers of recent – high-end – fashion magazines to see its effect. If you are an armpit fetishist and you visit a news stand you could be forgiven for thinking that your favourite erogenous zone had also become the most popular trend this season. There has never been a better time to be an armpit fetishist than now.

This focus on underarms is only the latest in a series of body parts that have caught the imagination of editors and photographers. This list has already featured toe-cleavage and side-boobs. One modelling agency insider admitted recently that: “There’s a definite fad for armpit posing at the moment…but they’ve got to be pits to be proud of – smooth and hairless only please.”

The most infamous past exception to this current rule was the actress Julia Roberts who – at the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999 – had no problem with baring her hairy armpits.

The armpit fetish can appeal in two entirely different ways or both at the same time. Some armpit fetishists are particularly attracted to them visually and they indulge themselves by collecting photos or by appreciating the voyeuristic spectacle of arms being raised in public. By contrast, there are other fetishists who find the odour and pheromones associated with armpits to be completely irresistible. In both cases, this fetish can result in the act of armpit sex.

Personally, I think the smell of hairy armpits is a complete turn-off. For the sweet underarm smell that I prefer, an armpit bush is really not recommended and the skin must be smooth to the touch. The act of shaving or waxing this sensitive part has fetish potential all of its own. For me, the most attractive thing about armpit fetish photos is the quality and shape of the pectoral muscles underneath.

It’s also significant that the armpit is the most ticklish part of the human body by far. I’m very ticklish there myself and I usually start laughing before the tickling starts.

Now that you’ve had a privileged view of my smooth and nude armpits I think it is time to lower my arms again.

Photos Sebas Romero

17 thoughts on “The Rise of The Armpit Fetish”

    1. I’d sell one of my kidneys to stroke you there for a little while and hear you laugh. 😉

    2. “The Armpit Auction” sounds like the title for an unwritten erotic short story unlike any I’ve ever read. Please Venus, would you write it?

  1. With these smart words and hawt pics you really know how to turn a gurls head…and mine’s spinning! Hugs.

  2. pixiepleasantpits

    Is there a term associated with a girl that has an armpit fetish in reverse?

    Such as the person who derives pleasure from tactile sensation being performed in their own armpit.

  3. Wayne Szalinski

    Sorry. As popular as it may seem on the surface, it’s not mainstream , sexually at least, until toys are made for it. And as of this writing there are none. Nadda Zilch.

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