The Power of Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is the best way to deal with rebellious slaves. If a dominant is clever then there are wonderful ways to make someone suffer without physical pain ever being needed. O.D. is still the most satisfying option available to me.

I went to Ikea one afternoon to have a look around and investigate the latest range of headboards. I never know when I’m going to need a really strong one so its best to do some research. I walked around the bedding area and felt a little bored to tell the truth. The typical crowds you find in that place were beginning to irritate me with their docile browsing.

On a whim, I decided that it was time to end my slave’s period of Orgasm Denial in spectacular fashion right then and there. He had been placed on it for six days and was really starting to suffer. It was great. I sent him an SMS with the codeword “Now”. He understood the rules perfectly. No matter where he was, no matter what he was doing, he had to masturbate immediately.

I stood aside from the crowd and, almost at once, he called me back. I heard his belt buckle hit the floor closely followed by his trousers and underwear. He carried lube around with him just in case. I heard the slaps and squelches as he got to work on himself. As I smiled to the husbands and wives as they shuffled past me I listened to the sighs of my slave. Those sighs became moans.

It didn’t take him long to come and, as I listened in the crowded shopping space, the relief I could hear through my ‘phone made me shudder with pleasure. Having an orgasm is one of the greatest pleasures that there is and its even better when it’s forbidden, especially by me. My slave recovered his senses and thanked me over and over again. He promised not to make the same mistake.

Honestly, I’d forgotten what his initial crime had been.

His gratitude, when I ended his punishment, meant everything.

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Photos by Fernando Gebbia

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