The Power of a Bodystocking

I found the package containing the fishnet bodystocking in my P.O. Box. It had been sent from the U.K. and was a sweet surprise. My first photo-session with it followed a few days later.

Before Sebas Romero arrived I’d laid out all the accessories that I thought I would need to get the most out of it. I was wearing the bodystocking before he arrived and I chose a pretty pair of frilled panties to cover up the fact that it was crotchless. I added a pair of elbow-length gloves and some other things to the outfit. When I greeted Sebas at the door and saw the strange expression on his face I knew we were on to something special. See the first bodystocking series here.

I offered to change into another outfit halfway through the session but he shook his head, smiled and insisted I kept it on. He dismissed the other accessories and just wanted to exploit the bodystocking as much as he could in the time we had.

The next shoot with the bodystocking was with Guy Moberly. The main difference this time was that I left the panties off from the start so that the suggestive crotchless effect could be used to the full. Again, after an hour or so, I thought about changing out of the bodystocking. When he refused to allow it and wanted me to carry on wearing it – just like Sebas had done – I understood how powerful this simple piece of hosiery could be.

As I stood on the balcony – in the daylight – with the fishnet clinging to my figure and emphasising every subtle curve and smooth muscle, I felt amazing. The sensation was of being clothed but feeling naked – all over – at the same time.

The delicate breeze tickled my skin through the diamond-shaped mesh. Being concealed and revealed simultaneously was a unique thrill for me. This feeling only increased when I realised that some people on the street below might look up and see me at any moment.

Photos by Guy Moberly
If you want to find out how it feels for yourself, Click HERE.
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21 thoughts on “The Power of a Bodystocking”

  1. For me, the “sweet surprise” was finding the new post this morning. I love the words but your body is the very best. Perfect piece of ass.

  2. Picture 1 is the bum bomb! Look like you’re waiting for someone to move in behind you and take advantage of the opening in the fishnets…and on the balcony too!

  3. te follaria un dia entero sin parar más incluso i es que ese culito.
    Esas tetas.
    Todo es perfecto solo me falta saber como es tu chocho

  4. te follaria un dia entero sin parar más incluso i es que ese culito.
    Esas tetas.
    Todo es perfecto solo me falta saber como es tu chocho.

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