The Popularity of Anime Sex Dolls

Maybe you’re a fan of anime, or you just think that girls with big eyes and brightly colored hair are attractive. No matter your stance, there’s no denying that anime sex dolls are highly popular because they let you finally be with one of those cute and sexy anime girls.

While I’ll be using the term anime sex doll here, this can easily be applied to hentai sex dolls, manga sex dolls, comic sex dolls, animated sex dolls and so on. All these terms basically describe the same type of attraction along with similar types of dolls. Let’s get into why these dolls are so popular along with a few dolls that might really tickle your fancy.

What is Anime

Many of you will likely know what anime is, but this section will enlighten those who don’t. Anime is Japanese animation and is known for having highly detailed storylines, interesting characters and explosive effects not often found in Western animation.

While anime has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the 1990s with Sailor Moon and DBZ that it gained mainstream acceptance in America. It may have taken a while for anime to catch on in America, but it’s become highly popular because it is vastly different from Western animation. The stories and characters are usually more serious and intriguing, which makes it easier for people to become engrossed in them.

Anime and hentai, a term for anime porn that also refers to any other unconventional form of sexuality, have characters with features that are highly attractive but unusual for real humans.

Most of you have realized that anime characters have large eyes and this has nothing to do with Japanese people wanting to have larger eyes. The real reason for that is that larger eyes are expressive and let you know how the character feels. Anime fans like the characters because both their eyes and personalities are highly expressive and unique.

It’s also common for anime characters to be innocent and cute. You can find hundreds of examples of anime characters wearing school uniforms, doing fun and silly things in a cute way. Hentai characters often have massive breasts and asses that would look fake on real people but is natural on these characters. If you don’t know what I mean, then I suggest you watch a hentai video or two to see what these characters look like.

Aside from the characters themselves, hentai often has rougher scenes than typically found in regular porn, which allows people to explore different forms of their sexuality. This has led to an attraction to these characters and those situations.

The Popularity of Anime and Fantasy Sex Dolls

Anime sex dolls give you an opportunity that few other products can. Anime girls look different than real women in many ways. While you can try to live out your porn fantasy with a real woman or even with many toys, that’s harder to do if you’re a hentai lover. Not only that but convincing your girlfriend or wife to dress like an anime character is difficult or impossible for most men.

Anime sex dolls allow you to be with your favorite character and to explore those rough, hard scenes you see in your favorite movies. Whether that means being with Asagi, Hatsune Miku or Asuna, you can find dolls that mimic their exact appearance. There are also dolls that mimic the appearance of Western illustrated characters, like Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with a fictional character. The only problem is that it’s difficult to get a realistic experience unless you have an anime sex doll at your disposal.

I’ll be using the next two section to go over two very popular sex dolls that both anime and comic lovers will definitely want. They serve as the epitome of sexiness and often provide everything that you’re looking for.

Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku has become a musical idol in her own right in Japan and is hailed as a cultural icon despite being a fictional character. There are concerts entirely dedicated to her singing and dancing. This all started with a Vocaloid software that allowed programmers to synthesize music and lyrics. MikuMikuDance is a 3D animation program used to give Hatsune Miku her dance moves. If you’re interested, MikuMikuDance is a freeware program that you can use for your entertainment.

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Not only have many people made their own videos starring Hatsune Miku dancing and singing to the most popular songs of the day, but there are numerous adult videos of her, and it’s easy to see why so many people lust for her. She has large eyes, sexy blue hair, and a beautiful body.

There is a Hatsune Miku inspired sex doll that has her iconic hair along with a face that strongly resembles her. Not only that, but she has good sized breasts, a lovely body and there are many elements that you can customize until she’s your perfect doll. This is a TPE product made from WM Dolls so that you can expect quality and durability.

Harley Quinn

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Many people loved the Batman Animated Series, but perhaps its biggest contribution to the Batman universe was Harley Quinn. Many people are surprised that she got her start here because she fits into the Batman and Joker mythos so perfectly. She was a brilliant psychiatrist that fell for the Joker and followed his ways of anarchy and mayhem.

Many people love Harley for her crazy and over-the-top personality, but others love her for those beautiful pigtails, amazing body and the iconic shorts and leotard she is known for wearing.

Just like with Hatsune Miku, there is a TPE sex doll inspired by Harley Quinn. It looks like her from the Suicide Squad movie. While many people didn’t like the Joker here, a massive number of fans loved Harley and her pink and blue hair. This allows you to experience Harley at her sexiest. Not only that, but TPE gives you a realistic feel, so it’s like she’s right there next to you.

Sex dolls allow you to explore your wildest fantasies with women that have the perfect proportions. No doll fulfills that more than an anime sex doll. They are the literal definition of fantasy, and they allow you to be with women you can’t find in real life. Lusting after a fictional character is completely natural. Now you can finally experience what they would be like in real life.

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