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When it comes to travelling abroad with sex toys, I have a confession to make-I get excited by the prospect of getting caught carrying erotic contraband. I remember being stopped once because I had neglected to separate my liquids, but the paranoia stayed with me afterwards. You shouldn’t mess around with airport staff; distracting them from concentrating on security issues by having indiscreet dildos with you is never recommended.

My most thrilling reminiscence is about the time when I was travelling with a dildo/harness. I had been invited to a wedding and I was going to share a room at a hotel with a sapphic lover beforehand. The packaging of the item was indiscreet to say the very least; the box was illustrated with a salacious image of a topless model. When the customs officer took it out of my luggage, stared at it and looked at me I smiled even though I was burning with embarrassment. It could have been worse though, he might have confiscated it instead of putting it back into my case.

I’ve become aware that it is impossible to take sex toys in and out of certain countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, to name but a few. I even know of a member of cabin crew who avoids the temptation of even trying to slip one through. I know that she’s looking forward to having a LILY of her own because it’s so similar to a specific model of facial massager.

Discretion is extremely important and that factor was of particular significance to one of their backers who is a member of cabin crew. She helped to inspire the project, explaining that she always wanted something that she could keep in her carry-on luggage, something that wouldn’t be detectable as a sex toy. They tend to considered as restricted items when taken into many countries.THE LILY is a Travel-friendly vibrator because it looks similar to facial massagers.

That was my first thought when I examined the Lily by Fleurotics

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THE LILY by Fleurotics is a vibrator that is inspired by nature. It is still in pre-production and launched on indiegogo last week. The first production is scheduled for spring / summer 2018 and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on one. After having testing hundreds of sex toys, with not one single veiny realistic phallus in my collection, I know from experience that my own petals need another type of attention. This toy is a Far cry from the traditional vibrator. The stamen is the phallic part of the toy, that allows you to enjoy and explore the pleasure points of one’s own delicate petals.


THE LILY is a unique vibrator in the shape of a beautiful peace lily. It’s designed to be pleasing to both the body and the eye. Ideal for discretion and functionality. Its super soft textured silicone leaf envelops a vibrating wand that fits in your hand and cups your vulva perfectly. You can also peel the petal back and insert the vibrating stamen.

lily by fleurotics, sex toys, vibrator, vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, venusohara, venus o'hara,

MATERIAL: 100% medical grade silicone and ABS. It feels soft and smooth and is also completely body safe. THE LILY is waterproof up to one meter and can be enjoyed in a shower and a bath. This ensures that keeping THE LILY hygienically clean is particularly easy without having to worry about damaging or ruining your toy.

THE LILY has 8 different vibration patterns.


No more batteries or tangled wires. THE LILY comes with a unique magnetic charging dock, that easily connects for seamless and hassle-free charging.


lily by fleurotics, sex toys, vibrator, vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, venusohara, venus o'hara, venusohara.orgFLEUROTICS:

Fleurotics was founded in 2017 by Emily Cox. The female-led team found that sex toys are often too phallic in design. The natural aesthetics and the beauty of nature, plants and flowers became a recurring element of their discussions when brainstorming THE LILY. They all agreed that something different – something more sensual – was required.

“Sex is natural, and we wanted our sex toys to reflect that too.”



THE LILY will be available in spring/summer 2018. I know that I’ve already reserved mine.

For more information about THE LILY, visit

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