The Lady of the Rings

The Lady of the Rings – Erotic Story

The Lady of the Rings

I take a deep breath in anticipation of the intimate ceremony that is about to take place. As a commitment-phobe, I must confess that the idea of marriage terrifies me, but today I’m about to embark on another type of union with my current lover and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since we set the date. 


I am both nervous and excited as I wait outside the door of the room that will serve as a church. A place of love where our sacred energy exchange will occur. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, I hold a box containing a very special ring: the symbol of our temporary alliance. I’m naked and my heart is racing in anticipation of what is about to happen. I push the door open and I make my grand entrance. 


As soon as I enter the room I smile with satisfaction as I see him lying on the bed. He is completely naked and he’s already hard. I’m more than impressed. In fact, the excitement is almost overwhelming. Especially when I notice his penetrating gaze as I approach him. Fortunately, the absence of a priest, guests and witnesses allows us to skip the boring part of the ceremony. I’m referring to the prayers and vows with promises that we know perfectly well we cannot keep. Instead, we go straight to the most interesting part; the first kiss, or in this case, putting the ring on.


I lie down next to him and I push my naked body against his. I let out a sigh of relief as I feel my breasts rub against his warm skin. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for ever since I received the cock ring a few days ago. Well, not quite. What I’ve really been looking forward to is feeling him inside me and noticing the deep rumbly vibrations against my throbbing clitoris. I simply cannot wait. 


I stop kissing him and I open the box and take the cock ring out. He smiles as he looks down at the package. It’s clear that he is just as excited as I am.  With my right hand, I grab his penis and hold it firmly. It seems to ‘greet’ me with a couple of flexes to show me that he is not afraid of commitment, on the contrary. With my left hand, I stretch the ring over his hardness and place it at the base. There is no turning back now. He is already mine. 


Then, I lie on the bed face up and spread my legs, anticipating the imminent consummation of our commitment. I look down to observe how he penetrates me. I don’t want to miss any detail. As I feel him enter me, I feel helpless and all I can do is moan, especially when I feel that he is completely inside me. Suddenly, my body enters a state of absolute surrender. That’s when I scream ‘Yes, I do!’


I hold onto his buttocks, pushing him deep inside me and I guide him to grind instead of thrust. Now I can feel the depth of the penetration and the constant continuous vibration of the cock ring against my throbbing clitoris. Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been craving so much. It feels amazing. 


After enjoying all the stimuli on offer, instead of wedding bells, our orgasmic sounds simultaneously erupt in a chorus of climaxes that seem to go on for much longer than usual. When our moans of pleasure subside, he withdraws and this marks the end of our union and of the ceremony.  


When we remove the ring, there are no bad vibes or disappointments as is often the case in more conventional separations. Although the ceremony has been a success, I can’t help but think about our next wedding. As a sex toy tester, you could say that I am the Lady of the Rings. This is because I have many more penis rings to try and a very strong desire to get married over and over again.

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