The Koi – The World’s Most Sustainable Wand Massager – Love Not War – Review

I like living a simple life with a small number of high-quality possessions. After moving apartments over 20 times in my adult life, I can definitely see the advantage of not having much stuff. And this year, in an attempt to become even more sustainable, I have decided to give up fast fashion. Well, if I’m honest, sustainability was never my objective, I just like living this way. 


I’m also vegan. I eat organic whole foods that have been locally sourced and that are in season. The taste is superior, as is the nutritional value. I also don’t have a vehicle and I walk everywhere. I haven’t reproduced, but I’m not a birth striker, I just value peace and quiet and having kids has never been a part of my life plan. 


My plastic consumption has been reduced greatly as I don’t eat foods from packets. I don’t buy tea bags and any plastic I do use gets recycled. All of these practices seem perfectly natural to me. 


Whenever I share details of my sustainable lifestyle with someone I know, they are very quick to point out that there are elements of my lifestyle that may not seem so sustainable. 


“But what about your 700-piece sex toy collection?”, they point out to challenge me. “That’s a lot of plastic!” 


True. but I don’t intend my collection to go to landfill or ocean pollution. I would love to donate my collection to a museum in the future and to have my collection go on world exhibition tours to educate people on the pleasure-tech of the past. No one needs to have so many toys. Just a collection of well-chosen high-quality pieces that offer a variety of sensations is more than enough. 


It’s great to see that sustainability consciousness is penetrating the pleasure sector so to speak. There is less and less plastic in packaging, and there have even been some attempts to make biodegradable toys. It all sounds well and good, but how can something that is supposed to degrade over time be body-safe? It raises more questions than it answers and I have even discovered that some of my old sex toys, from around 10 years ago, which didn’t claim to be biodegradable, have even started to disintegrate. They look pretty scary, to be honest. 


It’s great to want to care for Mother Earth, but I think our own health and safety and orgasms should come first. Literally. 


I was happy to see that the Koi, the world’s most sustainable wand massager, is made with body-safe materials. The part that is in contact with the body is made of body-safe silicone. The company, Love Not War is a leading British sustainable vibrator company that is dedicated to orgasms and sustainability. 

The koi

They launched in early 2021 and they limit the use of plastics in their products and use body-safe and earth-safe materials including, FDA-grade silicone, recycled aluminium, eco-friendly glue, soy ink and FSC cardboard packaging in a bid to be as sustainable as possible. 


The Koi was designed and created in Love Not War’s custom-built, green-energy-powered factory and is made from predominantly recycled and recyclable materials. 

All of their products come with a battery base that is interchangeable with all of their detachable heads, meaning you need only one battery unit to power multiple toys. This design also makes Love Not War’s products easier to recycle and repair should any issues arise


PACKAGING: All their packaging is a natural and eco-friendly brown cardboard, which needs less energy and water to make and it carries the FSC logo, showing you won’t be harming the world’s forests when you choose a Love Not War toy. 

In addition, they use eco-friendly soy ink for the text on the packaging as well as eco-friendly glue. 

MATERIAL: Their products are designed using as few materials as possible. They use only FDA grade-silicone and recycle and reuse leftover materials. They use recycled Aluminium and limit plastic and the small amount they do use is recycled within their factory. The Koi is waterproof IP6 and is submersible up to 1 m. It is compatible with water-based lubricant.


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Super strong. It starts off gentle and gets very intense. There are 4 continuous modes and 6 patterned vibration modes. 

NOISE LEVEL: Surprisingly silent given the strength of the motor. For a detailed soundcheck, see my review video below. 


USABILITY: Quite intuitive to use. To charge, unscrew the toy and insert the cable in the handle of the toy,  where the battery is.  A full charge takes 2 hours and this will provide you with up to 60 minutes of pleasure. It is ideal for intense clitoral stimulation or for massaging other parts of your body.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Super powerful orgasms thanks to the strong, deep rumbly motor.  The flexible neck and the elongated head is in contact with the clitoral glans, the entrance of the vagina and the labia, where the internal parts of the clitoris are. Guaranteed to ‘wake up’ your entire vulva. 


PROS: Elegant yet sustainable packaging. Body-safe materials. Recycled and recyclable materials. Waterproof. Small and powerful. Silent. Flexible Neck. 


CONS: If you prefer gentle vibes, this isn’t for you. 

The koi


  • Intense clitoral stimulation. 
  • Full body massage. 
  • Anyone interested in high-quality sustainable sex toys. 
  • Masturbation minimalists who are interested in acquiring the other sex toy heads available from Love Not War. 

For more information about the Koi, from Love Not War, visit Love Not War 

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