The Importance of Sex Toy Education

As a professional sex toy tester, my job is much more than just testing, reviewing and recommending sex toys. It’s also about encouraging people to indulge in self-love sessions and get to know their bodies better.  I believe that sex toy education and sexual self-discovery can lead to greater happiness as it can improve your sex life with yourself and with a partner.

My mission in life is to raise orgasmic awareness. According to my vast experience, becoming orgasmic has much more to do with establishing a mind-body connection rather than recommending a particular sex toy. Once this connection has been made, then almost any adult novelty can help me to reach ecstasy.

This is something I have learned myself through trial and error. I remember years ago, I needed a rabbit vibrator to reach orgasm. I had become so fixated on dual stimulation: that is to say, having a vibrating phallus inside my vagina as I let those delicious rabbit ears get to work on my eager clitoris. Even though I had several pebble and bullet vibrators in my collection, they did nothing for me. But then one day when my trusty rabbit broke down, (probably from overuse) I had no choice but to try and make my non-phallic toys work for me.

I closed my eyes, focused on the delightful sensations on my ever-so-demanding clitoris and the details of the erotic narrative in my mind and soon enough, I could feel those familiar orgasmic spasms building up inside me. It was hugely liberating to discover that I didn’t need anything inside me to reach orgasm. This meant that I was open to many different types of sex toys and that there were even more possibilities for solo pleasure than I could have ever imagined.

Now, after testing hundreds and hundreds of sex toys, I am proud to say that I am truly orgasmic. This is because all of them have given me orgasms thanks to the mind-body connection I create during my many self-pleasure sessions. Not only is it intensely pleasurable to be able to enjoy orgasms whenever I want, but it has also had a profound effect on my personal life. I am no longer in toxic relationships just for the good sex, which is something that I used to happen to me a lot when I was in my twenties. Nowadays, my emotional and human relationships have also improved in leaps and bounds as a result.

After reaping the benefits of becoming orgasmic, I want to teach people about all these things that I wasn’t taught at school. Although orgasmic education was not part of the curriculum, there is no doubt that it is still essential knowledge for living a fulfilling personal life.

Some sex toys need much more than an instruction manual to be explained. Over the years, I have observed how some people still struggle to understand how a given sex toy works just from looking at it. They don’t know which bit goes where! This may seem like basic knowledge, but you would be very surprised. Thank God for sex toy testers and educators! Without us, it could all go horribly wrong.

I always encourage people to ask for recommendations in a sex shop, but the truth is, most people are too ashamed to talk about their personal sexual preferences with a stranger. This is a missed opportunity as the staff in an adult store know all the products and they probably don’t care too much about your intimate tastes as they have seen and heard it all before. Most people would rather do their sex toy shopping online for increased intimacy, variety and the ability to browse at their own leisure without worrying about bumping into someone they know.

Apart from having sheet-gripping orgasms at work, one of the most satisfying aspects of my job has to be when someone contacts me to tell me that my top sex toy tips have worked for them. It encourages me to carry on teaching because, despite my own personal growth and the industry’s technological advances, there is still a lot to learn.

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