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The Impact of Male Sex Toys in The Bedroom

Although I have absolutely no idea what actually happens in other people’s bedrooms, I’m convinced that most straight sexual encounters adhere to the following sequence: 


Kiss =>  caress => undress => optional oral sex => penetration => orgasm => the end


Of course, the time spent on each stage can vary between sessions. However, in general, the emphasis, both in time and effort, is nearly always placed on the penetration stage. I’m also convinced that unless one tries to alter and/or improve this sequence, by introducing variety and being open to trying new things, then sexual monotony in a relationship will inevitably set in sooner rather than later. 


This is why I think that sex toys are not only beneficial for solo sex situations, they can also help keep the spark alive in a relationship. They say that sharing is caring and it’s true that using a sex toy with a partner can really spice things up between the sheets. I remember when I was getting into sex toys for the first time for myself around 15 years ago. The top toy of the time was a battery-operated rabbit vibrator. I remember that my significant other back then felt threatened by my growing collection of phallic playthings… 


Fortunately, I have observed that sex toy envy is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and rightly so. I believe that sex toys are our helpers as opposed to being our rivals when it comes to pleasuring our partners. 


As someone who has acquired 600 sex toys through my work as a professional sex toy tester, I must confess that I’m thrilled that this is the case. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had that many human encounters over the years… I’m often asked how sex toys compare with real sex. The truth is that you can’t compare a sex toy with a person. But I do believe that introducing sex toys in the bedroom can offer you the best of both worlds. 


For example, you get the emotional thrill, the warmth and caresses that only a human can provide as well as the sophisticated technology of today’s sex toys. 


One sex toy category that has advanced enormously is the male sex toys category. I must admit that I love testing male sex toys with ‘Mars’ O’Hara. It really changes things up for us and I love observing his reactions to masturbators, strokers, blowjob machines and even penis pumps. 


I ask many questions, not only to fulfil my own curiosity but because I need to know as much as possible so that I can write a complete review without really knowing what it feels like myself. What is interesting to me is that I have never ever felt jealous of my lovers’ pleasure when I haven’t directly provoked it myself. I’m just grateful to observe his ecstasy. And even though I’m technically passive when he uses a toy, I’m convinced that being observed only adds to the horniness of the situation, and besides, I do consider myself to be a bit of a voyeur. 


Other times, I have preferred to adopt a more active approach and take control of the situation. For example, there have been a couple of occasions when I have blindfolded him and surprised him with a sex toy. I loved the sensation of stimulating him with an object that he hasn’t even seen… It keeps him on edge as he doesn’t know what to expect and I love that. 


It would never occur to me to be intimidated by a male sex toy. In fact, they only add to my own personal sexual confidence. This is because I’m incredibly proud of my oral and manual techniques, my sexual imagination and my funny, affectionate nature. And getting some help and assistance from a male sex toy from time to time only makes our human skin to skin sex sequence more unique and special.


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1 thought on “The Impact of Male Sex Toys in The Bedroom”

  1. Hi
    One of the greatest bj s I ever gotten was when the woman came doing it. It was so intense because it was hard to tell if she had any semblence of selfcontrol. I couldn’t tell if see was going to bite it off. Her orgasm was longer but we both crossed the finish line together
    I’m a lot older now and it’s never ever happened again.
    You being the orgasmic queen did you or any woman you’ve ever spoken to ever relate that experience. I’m curious I’ve never seen or heard about it.
    Ps love your freedom to express yourself sexually. Certainly not easily afforded to an older dude, moi . Lol

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