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The Foot Fetish Business: My Experience and Tips for Fetish Models

The Foot Fetish Business: My Experience and Tips for Fetish Models

Written by Rupert O.

In this video, Venus replies to numerous enquiries that she continues to receive from prospective fetish models. They want to know how to break into the business and do as she does – ‘To make money from your feet while you sleep.’


Venus reflects on her own introduction to the Foot Fetish business. She began a Fetish blog ten years ago with the intention of featuring Foot Fetish imagery. This was to function as a sideline and to be distinct from her primary career as a sex toy tester. Since then, the experience she has gained puts her in very good stead when offering up essential tips for prospective foot fetish models.



Venus explains that there is no such thing as earning easy money when you begin. Establishing a viable online presence at the start is the key to success. She already had established online visibility which enabled Foot Fetish imagery to become a lucrative addition to her ever-expanding portfolio of offerings. But if she was starting now, she would prioritise having an Instagram account or other social media representation like Patreon, for example.


Then, she suggests posting plenty of pictures of your feet. If you’re protective of your privacy, and want to remain anonymous, then excluding images that include your face is recommended, she says. Venus underlines the fact that there are many options available to represent the full Foot fetish value of your feet. These can include painted nails, hosiery, bondage and wrinkled soles.


In fact, Venus says, experimentation in your Foot Fetish imagery would assist you greatly in identifying specific niches that your feet would more precisely appeal to. She recommends producing images with your ’phone so that you can avoid photographer’s fees and reduce overheads. And always watermark your feet pics as recommended by this feet pic guide.


One particularly important thing to bear in mind is, as she puts it: ‘you don’t have to have perfect feet.’ Venus admits that she thought her feet ‘were too wide and she had fat toes.’ She is convinced that achieving success is more about how you use your feet to engage with the Foot Fetish imagination of the spectator. Foot Fetish websites continue to illustrate a diverse range of different feet that might not necessarily conform to an advertising agency’s idea of sellable perfection. On the contrary, she explains, not retouching images of your feet can be an advantage.


Venus has discovered that posting images of her feet has encouraged her to appreciate them more. Although her fetish blog initially omitted Foot Fetish imagery, it has since proven to be the most popular featured item. And thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reaction she has received to images of her feet, it has been over three years since she last painted her toenails. That’s not because of her enduring concerns about the ingredients of nail polish. It’s just that her foot fans prefer the ‘natural look’.


Finally. Venus reveals that ‘I have healthier toes and I love my toes.’ Once upon a time, she bought sandals with the express intention of covering them. Now, thanks to her success as a Foot Fetish model, she flaunts them with pride.


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