The Female Sexual Consumer

There’s no doubt that women are spending a great deal more of their disposable income on sexual products of different kinds. The last decade has seen a rapid rise in the number of high-end erotic boutiques aimed at the female sexual consumer and couples. In their smooth design, attractive displays and simple cleanliness they put the old seedy male-orientated sex shops to shame. Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to sex toys. In fact, there’s so much variety on offer that erotic shopping can even be confusing for sex toy virgins. More recently, the Fifty Shades of Grey literary phenomenon has contributed to the increase of female sexual consumerism.

Despite these advances, when it comes to actual ‘hands on’ sexual consumerism among women, then there’s no denying that men have a lot more variety and possibilities than we do. After all, the oldest profession was a service for men. Female sexual freedom is still a quite recent concept, but with increased demand, surely a better variety and range of offerings is just around the corner. There is still the widely held belief that women don’t need to pay for sex and that even if they did, it doesn’t seem to be as socially acceptable. However, in Australia where prostitution is legal, websites like Escorts & Babes, make the whole process a lot easier for women and men.

There are many reasons why someone would pay for sex. One of them could be the need to live out a fantasy for a few minutes with someone that, ordinarily, they would never be with in their everyday life. This might be because of a lack of self confidence with the opposite sex where dating and intimacy are concerned. It might be because it offers an easy and anonymous opportunity for infidelity as a leisure activity. It could simply be a lack of free time because of long working hours.

It’s not just about sex, though. What about the importance of touch?female sexual consumer venus o'hara

I remember a time when a good friend of mine admitted that she had been celibate for over a year. That all changed one day when she noticed the bus driver’s fingertips brush lightly against her skin when he handed her the change. The unexpected frisson of a stranger’s hand made her realise just how long it had been since she had been touched properly. Her sexual needs had been suppressed for so long that even a trivial moment like that woke her desire (but it wasn’t with the bus driver).

As far as my own experience as a female sexual consumer is concerned, my purchases tend to be restricted. They’re either ridiculous items of lingerie that serve no practical purpose other than to provoke or they’re sex toys. To be honest, I’ve never spent any money on porn or purchased sexual services. I really can’t imagine doing so any time soon. Circumstances can and do change, however. It’s no secret that men’s sexual prowess and stamina are compromised by their age whereas mine seem to be increasing. It’s very awkward when my desire is clearly greater than theirs. I’m just getting started when they are waving their hands in “game-over” mode. I’ve always believed that the female sex drive was superior to men’s, thanks to our increased orgasmic capacity, and the simple fact that coming doesn’t physically wear us out in the same way as it does them.

female sexual consumer erotic massage

Perhaps one day getting a good seeing to from a hot young gigolo may seem like a good option. But what appeals to me the most, as far as paying for sexual services is concerned, is indulging myself in a full-body erotic massage from a man or woman. I’ve often longed to receive a massage during periods of celibacy. I crave to feel someone else’s hands on me; it’s not about me having my hands on someone else. It’s not about sharing and caring, it’s all about me and my whims. I always recall the massage scene in the 1970’s Emmanuelle film with Sylvia Kristel. Its fusion of soap suds and breathless sensuality make it more of a turn on than any porn clip that I’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to receive a massage like that?

When I’m receiving a massage, I find it so easy to relax. I never feel anxious or uncomfortable when the physical signs of my arousal become all too evident because that just proves how effective it is. On the contrary, if I become aroused during a non-erotic massage then I just tense up, which defeats the object of the exercise. I find it helps to put on dark underwear, just in case.

Naturally an erotic massage might not be the best option if you have genuine back problems, In that case, a physiotherapist might be a better option. An erotic massage might also allow you the luxury of choosing a masseur that appeals to you physically regardless of any professional skills that they might possess. Perhaps encouraging your own investment in the fantasy is part of your pleasure. That fantasy might, with an obliging masseur, become more of a reality than you might imagine.

What began as a non-sexual service could have an unexpected happy ending.

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