The Best Tickle Fetish Toys

The involuntary sensual responses that can be experienced from being tickled are unpredictable. For instance, you might lapse into a relaxed state or begin to tense up. It all depends on the area of your body that receives the tickle, the amount of pressure applied and the type of tickling implement used. Sometimes you can be a victim of false advertising when commercial tickling products are factored in. In some BDSM kits, the feather ticklers that are included aren’t fit for purpose; they supply a bit of relaxing fun for someone who’s on the receiving end but that’s all.

If you want to tickle someone properly then a different kind of equipment is worth considering. Real tickle fetishists do without mundane feathers or little pieces of coloured fluff. They know precisely which tickle fetish toys will yield the desired results.

Tickle Fetish Toys Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0008, venusohara, venus o'hara,

In fact, Mother Nature has amply provided us with a wonderful variety of organic options.

Finger tips are a good place to start but a pointed fingernail can be amazing. Chin stubble or scruffy beards can be memorable if they are rubbed and dragged against the soft soles of a vulnerable foot. These kinds of readily available tickle fetish toys are particularly appropriate for those extra-sensitive spots, like the sides of a wrist or an exposed armpit.

I recall deploying my long hair as a tickle fetish toy a while back. I was straddling a guy in bed and decided to tie his wrists to the headboard. As he lay there, squirming on the bed, I began caressing him with my long red hair. I used the abundant curls to tickle his face and provoke his nose. He could hardly take the sensory overload.

Tickle Fetish Toys Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0011, venusohara, venus o'hara,

When you want to use an effective tickle fetish toy then a conventional vibrator can be helpful. Strangely, the very best tickling implements are those objects that were intended for an entirely different purpose: a comb, a toothbrush (manual or electric) or a hairbrush. The best tickling accessory of all remains a simple blindfold. If I’m waiting to be tickled, I don’t want to know the exact kind of instrument my tickler is going to use or where he is going to use it on me. The anticipation and my delicious obliviousness are the twin keys to my finest tickle fetish thrills.

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