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The Best Pelvic Floor Trainers

Having a strong pelvic floor is really important. It’s not just for women who have given birth. Kegel exercises are important for everyone. 


I’ve tried and tested nearly every pelvic floor trainer on the market. 


Read on to find out which ones are my favourites.


The pelvic floor is a group of muscles found in the floor (the base) of your pelvis at the bottom of your torso. It is important to keep these muscles strong in order to prevent incontinence and prolapse as they also help maintain bladder and bowel control.


More sexual pleasure and better orgasms are just some of the many benefits of having a strong pelvic floor. It can help you have a tighter grip during penetration thanks to better muscle control during intercourse, which in turn will provide more pleasure for you and your partner. Pelvic strength can help to increase blood flow for general vaginal health, it can help you prepare for childbirth, and assist your body in healing after childbirth. 


How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor 


One way to keep your pelvic floor strong is by performing Kegel exercises. Also known as pelvic floor exercises, it involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, now sometimes colloquially referred to as the “Kegel muscles”. The exercise can be performed many times a day, for several minutes at a time but takes one to three months to begin to have an effect. They were named after the American gynecologists’ Arnold Kegel who first published a description of these exercises in 1948. 


If you want to have a more enjoyable pelvic floor workout, you can use a pelvic floor trainer. They are also known as Ben wa balls, Kegel balls, love balls and jiggle balls.  There are many types of pelvic floor trainers out there. Some are weighted whereas others have sensors to measure the strength and duration of your squeezes. 


Typically, you place them inside the vagina as you engage your pelvic floor muscles. Weighted pelvic floor trainers require you to squeeze your muscles in order to prevent the device from falling out. For this to be effective, you must be standing up in order to let gravity do its thing. It can be a great idea to use them as you perform some mundane tasks at home. 


Other methods that are non-weighted involve sensors that detect your squeezes and provide biofeedback so you can keep tabs on your progress. With non-weighted pelvic floor trainers, you don’t have to be standing up. You can be lying down as you squeeze and relax. 


Which Pelvic Floor Trainer Should I Buy?  


If you have given birth, choose a product with a larger diameter and if not then you can go for smaller balls. Whatever your level, start light and work yourself up to heavier weights gradually. If something doesn’t feel comfortable then stop. If you have given birth, please consult a medical professional before buying anything. 


What about yoni eggs? Are they safe?


In short, I don’t know. And as they say, when in doubt leave it out. If you follow me closely, you’ll know that I love my crystals. I’m getting witchier by the day and I have almost 70 crystals and 3 of them are yoni eggs. I’ve enjoyed some profound spiritual experiences with yoni eggs. That said, I still don’t recommend putting them in your vagina for hours on end for spiritual ‘cleansing’.  Another piece of advice which I profoundly disagree with is to sterilise them in boiling water. I’ve seen this advice given by Taoist experts in prestigious books whose titles I won’t mention. I took this advice and to my horror, I heard a crack just when the water started to bubble which meant that my rose quartz egg, sourced from a certified vendor, now has a crack in the surface.


Needless to say, I will not be inserting it into my vagina any time soon. 


Hole or no hole?


Some yoni eggs have holes for a thread and others don’t. It’s a personal choice. Personally, I love the challenge and self-discovery of no hole so that I can work my muscles to push it up and out at will. For beginners, it might be preferable to use one with a hole so that you can retrieve it easily. 


Use a new thread every time.


How to Use A Yoni Egg for Pelvic Floor Training


There are 3 sizes of yoni eggs. Start with the biggest one. 

yoni egg



Unlike other progressive methods, it’s not about increasing the weight to increase your strength. With this method, it’s all about sizes, from big to small, and tightening. 


You insert the rounder side and push it up so it rests comfortably above your pelvic floor. It’s just like inserting a tampon.


While you’re wearing it, make sure you’re standing so that gravity can do its thing and your pelvic floor muscles contract in order to keep it in place and prevent it from dropping out. 


I would recommend 10-15 minute sessions three times a week. It will take a few sessions, maybe even a could of weeks of regular training before you start to notice the benefits, 


When the large one is no longer a challenge for you, then you can move on to the middle one, and use that one for a couple of weeks.


When that one becomes easy and you can start working with the smallest one. If you get to this level, congratulations because that would mean that your pelvic floor is really strong! 


If you’re looking for some high-quality yoni eggs, check out this selection at yoni pleasure palace.



Yoni Balls 


I teamed up with Satifyer to create a set of Yoni Balls that had all of the advantages of the yoni egg method as in the size, going from bigger to smaller. Instead of using crystals, they are made from body-safe materials and have a retrieval silicone string attached to them. 


I’m super happy with the results although the dimensions are slightly different from the standard yoni egg sizes. For example, the Satisfyer large size corresponds with the standard medium yoni egg. So if you manage to master the small egg with this set, it means you really do have Olympic-level kegel muscles because the small one is significantly smaller than the smallest standard yoni egg. 


There are 2 types of Yoni Balls: 


Yoni Balls 1

yoni balls 1



Yoni Balls 2

yoni balls 2


They are both equally effective and any differences are just a question of personal taste. For example one of them has a slightly pointier tip and a textured surface. 


Despite the fact that I’m super happy with my creation, I wouldn’t recommend these to women who have just given birth. For postpartum training, it would be advisable to start with a product that has a much bigger diameter. As you improve then you could definitely use the yoni egg or yoni ball but of course, it’s best to double-check this with a medical professional.


Buy your Yoni balls from Satisfyer here



Weighted Kegel Balls 


Another progressive set I recommend that is based on weight and not size is the Power Balls from Satisfyer. 


It comprises 3 sets of balls that all have the same shape and size. This allows you to gradually increase your pelvic floor training as you get stronger. The lightest ball in the set weighs 60 g, the middle ball 75.6 g, and the heaviest ball 91.6 g – so both beginners and advanced users will find the right weight for them. 


Start with the lightest ball and when it is no longer a challenge, you can move up to the next one. With regular use, after a few weeks, you will slowly improve. Thanks to the practical retrieval string, the Strengthening Balls are easy to use. 


Most sets of balls in the market weigh between 60-75 g so if you manage to be able to handle the heaviest set of balls it means you have a mega-strong pelvic floor. 


As mentioned before, it is recommended to use them for around 15 minutes per session 3 times a week. Start with the lightest set and when it is no longer a challenge, you can move on to the next set. 

Buy Power Balls from Satisfyer Here

Saving the best till last… My absolute favourite pelvic floor trainer has to be Perifit. 

The Best Pelvic Floor Trainers


Unlike weighted systems or those based on size, such as the yoni eggs or yoni balls, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer can provide biofeedback so you can measure your progress. 


Perifit – The Most Advanced App-Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer 

The Best Pelvic Floor Trainers


Have you ever thought about playing video games with your vagina? Well, now you can thanks to Perifit, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer. Rather than using a weighted system like the other products in this list, you place a device in your vagina and connect it to your phone and play video games that require you to contract and relax as you play. The device has two sensors that track the strength and duration of your squeezes, so you can use it while you’re sitting or lying down. There are different programmes to choose from depending on your needs such as post-partum strengthening, overactive bladder, incontinence prevention and more. 


Read my full review of Perifit here


There are several video games that require you to squeeze your pelvic floor as you play. It’s fun to use and the most motivating factor is at the end of a workout as it provides biofeedback so you can track the strength and endurance of your squeezes. You can track how your own progress report graphs improve over time. Perifit is FDA-approved and is recommended by more than 1000+ physiotherapists worldwide. 


As well as providing biofeedback, which is highly motivating and it encourages you to be persistent with your workout. In contrast to the other methods, it is not just about squeezing. Your ability to relax your muscles is just as important. Many experts would argue that contracting and relaxing, rather than just focusing on contracting, is a more effective way to strengthen any muscle.


Buy your Perifit Here Get with a 15% Discount 

The Best Pelvic Floor Trainers


Happy squeezing!

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